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Shop Hours

Traders who have reached at least circle 30 are allowed to rent their own shops in the Shop Plazas of Crossing, Riverhaven and Shard. Circle/10; rounded down, is the number of hours you can have the shop open regardless if you're there or not. For example, 3 open hours at 30th, 15 hours at 150th, and higher, presumably 20 hours at 200th.

Renting a shop

There are a limited number of shops available at each Market Plaza. A good time to start looking for a shop to rent is the day that rent is due as there are usually one or two shops available due to the previous tenant being evicted. Ask other traders around the market about when the next end of pay period arrives.

For starters, visit the clerk in the main office of the plaza where you are seeking a shop and ASK CLERK about RENT. They will inform you if you are ready for a shop, then you can find a vacant shop in the market and RENT it. Make sure your debt is cleared before you attempt to rent your shop.

Commands and help

After renting your shop, head into it (after OPEN <shop entrance name - entrance, door, arch, etc>), and take a while to familiarize yourself with the SHOP command and HELP.


The SHOP verb is the way that you interact with the various settings of your shop. The following options are available:

  • SHOP PRICE - Set the price for an item in your shop. Sometimes this doesnt work so try SELL my <item> for <price> on <surface>
  • SHOP RESERVE - Reserve an item for a certain person to buy.
  • SHOP CUSTOMER - Shows you what your customers would see if they used the SHOP verb.
  • SHOP REMOVE - Removes an item from your table or a player from your shop
  • SHOP BLACKLIST - You can ban a person from your shop permanently.
  • SHOP SCHEDULE - Schedule times for your shop to be open when you're not there.
  • SHOP TIMERS - Change the timers for shop-related things, like blacklisting.
  • SHOP WIDTH - Modify the width of your ledger.
  • SHOP NAME - Change the name of your shop.
  • SHOP STATUS - Find out how your shop is doing.
  • SHOP CATEGORIES - Update the categories of items that your shop sells..

You can enter these commands by themselves for more information about how to use them.

See the SHOP page for more detail.


Shops are the pinnacle of achievement for any trader. While a shop might start small, its success (and influence!) can quickly become something of great renown. This help file is designed to help you navigate your shop and learn the different ways that it can be used. To access information on a specific topic, use the syntax HELP [TOPIC].

The available topics are:

  • BASICS - Get basic information about how a shop is run.
  • OPENING - Learn about opening your shop and keeping it open while you're away.
  • SURFACES - Learn about sales surfaces, and how you can acquire more and different ones.
  • MERCHANDISE - How to interact with your merchandise.
  • PEOPLE - Find out the unique capabilities of your shop when dealing with people.
  • BACKROOM - Find out more about what the back room is for, and what you can do with it.
  • EXPENSES - Learn about the different ways you can incur expenses for your shop.
  • EVENTS - What kind of random events can occur, and what you can do about them.
  • FURNITURE - How and where to get new furniture for your shop.
  • EVICTION - What you need to do to avoid being evicted if your shop goes into the red.
  • CLOSING - How to close your shop and what effects that has.

See the HELP page for more detail.


Note: Keep in mind you are running a business. If you mismanage it for an extended period of time, expenses can quickly spiral out of control.

The base cost of rent per month is 30 plat per month. The base cost is increased by the number of surfaces that you have as follows:

# surfaces Price
1 .75 plat
2 3 plat
3 6.75 plat
4 12 plat
5 18.75 plat
6 21.75 plat
7 24.75 plat
8 27.75 plat

After the total is calculated, the rent is scaled by location (Crossing is charged full price): Riverhaven: 50% Shard: 25%

This amount is then charged at the end of a pay period.

Pay periods are 80 Elanthian days, [or 20 RL days]. This is exactly two Elanthian months, and occurs at beginning of the first, third, fifth, seventh, and ninth months of every Elanthian year. When a pay period ends, several things happen:

- Your expenses are charged to your store's bank account.
- Your rent is also charged to your store's bank account.
- Your earnings are added to your store's bank account.
- Your expenses and earnings are reset in anticipation of the next pay period.

If your shop's balance of sales to rent is negative for too long, you may be evicted by the plaza owners. You may DEPOSIT any amount of money into your shop's bank account (while in back room) at any time, and may WITHDRAW any positive amount of money in the bank account as well. When you perform a withdrawal, the money is transferred directly into your local bank by a secured courier - No need to worry about thieves! You can also WITHDRAW #### POCKET to keep the money on your person.

Protections against rollover issues are in place, and will prevent transactions (deposits and sales) that would push your shop's bank account into an overflow situation.[1]

Your shop's currency is the same as its local province - Kronars for Zoluren, Lirums for Therengia, etc.


When you get evicted, a Plaza official will approach you with a similar message:

A Plaza official approaches you and says, "Your shop in <Town> has been in debt for too long, and your tenancy there has been forcibly ended. Your belongings will be stored in a Guild warehouse so that you can claim them later. Because of the tardiness of payment, you have been assessed a fee of <Price> <Currency>, plus an additional <Price> <Currency> in administrative fees. Good day, <Madam|Sir>." With that, the official takes his leave.

Retrieving your Belongings

  • Zoluren
Head over to the Administration Office at the Plaza entrance.
ask clerk for goods


At 30th circle, you will be limited to a single surface on which to place your wares. As you gain circles, you will be able to place more surfaces on your sales floor:

Circle Surfaces on Sales Floor Total Surfaces
30 1 1
40 1 2
45 2 2
50 2 3
60 3 4
70 3 5
75 4 5
80 4 6
90 5 7
100 5 8

You can PUSH a surface to have it moved between the sales floor and the backroom. To exchange or replace a surface, it must be in the backroom and empty of all items, then simply SELL SURFACE (table, rack, etc) and it will require you to repeat that to confirm. Once sold, a replacement can be purchased from a trader furniture shop, such as Clerk's Collections, Krobble's Karavan or the Furniture Warehouse in Crossing Market Plaza.
Surfaces can be ADJUSTED in the back room to change the noun used to identify it.

Purchased Item Adjust 1 Adjust 2 Adjust 3 Adjust 4 Adjust 5 Adjust 6 Adjust 7 Adjust 8 Adjust 9 Adjust 10 Adjust 11
cabinet armoir bureau dresser endtable sideboard breakfront highboy vanity locker cupboard bar
rack shelf shelves mantle mantle
table worktable desk workbench stand cart buffet
trunk chest case crate footlocker lowboy bin

List of current shops

Store hours are in Eastern time.

Crossing's Market Plaza

Last Updated: 9 Dolefaren 439 (10/24/2021)

Shop Name Owner Opens Closes Room Entryway
Teh Black Market Pucktin 12 pm 3 am Sun Room a steel arch
Thamar's Shop Thamar 5 pm 1 am Sun Room an azure entrance
On A Whim Rajara 4 pm 12 am Sun Room some bright double doors
My Two Kronars! Annandale 9 pm 11 am Water Room a honey-colored goldenoak doorway carved with a pair of coins
Klausette Full Of Things Klausette 5 pm 1 am Water Room a low mahogany entrance
Working Class Heros Kalyssia 10 am 1 am Water Room a smooth mammoth tusk archway
Lil' Bits Lurel 5 pm 12 am Grass Room a heavy iron door
Outland Oasis Imports Nituki 4 pm 12 am Grass Room an ornately engraved arch
Eledion's Shop Eledion 6 am 2 pm Grass Room a low mahogany entrance
Malkmary's Shop Malkmary unknown unknown Solarium a heavy iron door
Boots And Bows Kattressa unknown unknown Solarium a flower-covered arch
Prowling Tiger Butique Monedero 12 pm 4 am Solarium a shady entrance
Noce's Fine Establishment Chestnut 9 pm 1 am Forest Room an oaken door
K's Tools, Armor, Gweths N More Kenzaze 2 pm 2 am Forest Room a vine-shrouded arch
Adventurer's Loot Emporium Twid 1 pm 1 am Forest Room a stooped granite entrance
Tezler's Shop Tezler 1 pm 5 am Dimly-Lit Storage a stately carved marble door with a gilt frame
Joolie's Jingling Pockets Joolie 5 am 12 am Dimly-Lit Storage an ornately engraved arch
Sleepless Knights Vhern 4 pm 11 pm Dimly-Lit Storage a low metal entrance
Rolling Caravan Collective Arizona 5 pm 6 am Meeting Room an oaken door
Dragon's Cache Endrath 3 pm 11 pm Meeting Room a brass-lined arch
Another Man's Treasure Emirld 5 pm 12 am Meeting Room a stooped granite entrance
Bloodhouse2 Weapons And AMMO Vii 3 pm 1 am Moon Room a steel arch
From Here to Antiquity Maybeth 5 pm 11 pm Moon Room an oaken door
Exit Through The Gift Shop Otho 2 pm 11 pm Moon Room a shady entrance
Mister Purr's Purrfect Paw-nshop Zowpurr 11 am 12 am Armor Room an ornately engraved arch
Marreous' Magnificent Mercantile Marreous 12 pm 8 pm Armor Room a stately carved marble door with a gilt frame
Olivr's Garden Olivr 7 pm 11 pm Armor Room a silver-plated ornate entrance
Naniaki's Trash And Treasure Naniaki 1 pm 5 am Lodge Room a dimly-lit recessed arch
Anglers Daily Catch Schieffelin 1 pm 10 pm Lodge Room an oaken door
Almost Famous Tabrett 4 pm 9 pm Lodge Room a shady entrance
Pirate Plix's Treasure Trove Gashler 12 pm 3 am Gladiolus Room a heavy iron door
Stonks' Stocks Stonks 3 pm 8 pm Gladiolus Room a flower-covered arch
Dark Corner Bradlie 4 pm 10 pm Gladiolus Room a shady entrance
Quill's Convincing Forgeries Quillith 9 am 10 pm Fire Room a heavy steel door comprised of ornamental gears
Softy N Longtail's Secret Cache Zemon 3 pm 2 am Fire Room an ornately engraved arch
Banisad's Quest N Fest Rares Banisad 1 pm 10 pm Fire Room a fiery red entrance
Old World Antiques Toleana 3 pm 4 am Library a dark entrance almost hidden by old bookshelves
Harawep's Emporium Pahzon 2 pm 12 am Library a heavy iron door
The Shrubbery Caper 2 pm 5 am Library a flower-covered arch
Here Today, Pawn Tomorrow Adoli 2 pm 11 pm Library a low mahogany entrance
Pretti Unique Pretti 5 pm 11 pm Savannah Room a stooped granite entrance
Metal Matters Dhalinar 7 pm 3 am Savannah Room a steel arch
Buy The Way Akharis 12 pm 3 am Savannah Room a heavy iron door
Triple Threat Trading Co. Shidalyn 1 pm 6 pm Jungle Room an ornately engraved arch
Aari's Ye Olde Shoppe Aariqueza 6 pm 10 pm Jungle Room a stooped granite entrance
Bare Necessities Ellis 10 am 2 am Jungle Room an oaken door
Hoarder's Corner Liham 7 pm 2 am Tundra Room a flower-covered arch
Usho Outfitters Vinari TBD TBD Tundra Room a stone-framed entrance
Prison Maze Paraphernalia Nuxes 4 pm 10 pm Tundra Room an elegant stained glass door depicting a setting sun
Between The Trade Routes Aettsamme 10 am 1 am Palm Room an ornately engraved arch
Help! Allye Made Me Sell Stuff Hannana 6 pm 12 am Palm Room a low mahogany entrance
Subi's Stuff Subiboshi 6 pm 11 pm Palm Room a paneled palmwood door
Deame's Dreams And Follies Deame 6 pm 2 am River Room an ornately engraved arch
Blowout Sale! Utred 2 pm 1 am River Room a stooped granite entrance
Jennye's Jubilee Jennye 6 pm 12 am River Room a stately carved marble door with a gilt frame
Free Range Goods! Ellysia 5 pm 2 am Desert Room a sandstone framed door
LADY LOURETTE'S BOUTIQUE Lourette 8 pm 2 am Desert Room a sandstone framed entrance
Haute Hunting And More Martyen 4 pm 11 pm Desert Room am ornately engraved arch
Quest, Fest, and Crafted Acronyx 11 am 2 am Ocean Room a flower-covered arch
Barder Town Barder 10 am 2 am Ocean Room a cypress-framed entrance
AAA Always The Best Prices. Secretia 9 am 1 am Ocean Room a paneled cypress door
METAL Skin Cloth Bone And TOOLS Jerde 12 pm 2 am Volcano Room an obsidian arch
Gypsy Roots Hazelnut 6 pm 1 am Volcano Room a low mahogany entrance
Krazy Karakhan's Kombat Krafts Karakhan 3 pm 1 am Volcano Room an obsidian-inlaid door
Tayria's Trader Tables Tayria 8 pm 5 am Tasting Room a stooped granite entrance
Vault of Wonder Dheese 1 pm 10 pm Tasting Room an ornately engraved arch
Haute Mess Triesti 4 pm 2 am Tasting Room a heavy steel door comprised of ornamental gears
Aro's Assorted Oddities Arohuko 6 pm 2 am Barrel Room a low mahogany entrance
Diamonds Spyra 3 pm 4 am Barrel Room a flower-covered arch
Shale's Crafting Tools And More! Shalendrya 3 pm 1 am Barrel Room an aged oak door
Jelayna From The Block Jelayna 5 pm 8 pm Bottle Room a stooped granite entrance
Dayera's Shop Dayera 4 pm 8 pm Bottle Room a flower-covered arch
RKM Curios Remigius 9 am 12 am Bottle Room a solid oak-paneled door
ARMOR Shields And Parry Sticks Loshant 3 pm 1 am Stomping Room an oaken door
Muleie's Mercantile Muleie 3 pm 4 am Stomping Room a flower-covered arch
Containers Cloaks And Cloths Martyka 6 pm 4 am Stomping Room a shady entrance
Tiddeggur's Shop Tiddeggur 1 pm 5 am Cooper Room an antique oak-framed entrance
Wicked Witch Lycette 1 pm 1 am Cooper Room a smooth mammoth tusk archway
Menela's Menagerie Menela 8 pm 11 pm Cooper Room an antique oak-paneled door
Ghuy's Shop Ghuy 5 pm 1 am Fermentation Room a deep-set door
Gray Market Gray 8 pm 12 am Fermentation Room a deep-set limestone arch
Par Tea Time Sunete 4 pm 9 pm Fermentation Room a deep-set entrance

Riverhaven's Knight's Hall

Last Updated: 92 Lirisa 446 (07/28/2023)

Shop Name Owner Opens Closes Room Entryway
The Cramus Collection Cramus 7 pm 11 pm Keep Room a mahogany entrance
Raven's Repo North Alyanah 8 pm 3 am Keep Room a heavy steel door
Affordable Treasures Malbog 11 am 6 pm Keep Room an ornately engraved arch
AAA AAATRADING: Gwen's Mercantile Gwenhwyfach 3 pm 2 am Rose Room an aged barn door etched with a herd of wild horses
Bloodbath and Beyond Sorhatani 4 pm 1 am Rose Room a stooped granite entrance
Roaringbelly Brothers' Trading Company Skaggi 11 am 11 pm Rose Room an ornately engraved arch
"Awesome" Rare Gifts Hallbera 5 pm 8 pm Theatre Room a silk-bannered entrance
JAK'S Treasures Jarxaxle 9 am 12 am Theatre Room a heavy iron door
Gnometastic Gnilli 4 pm 11 pm Theatre Room a smooth mammoth tusk archway
Practical Provisions Urbaj 11 am 3 am World Room a stooped granite entrance
Trader Arievlyn Shoppe Arievlyn 3 pm 6 pm World Room an ornately engraved arch
Shakim's Splendiferous Solutions Shakim 12 pm 8 pm World Room a heavy iron door
Pop Shop ~ A FizzCo Subsidiary Fizzlepop 6 pm 1 am Warrior Room a mahogany entrance
Lasaia's Ferda Crew Fashions Lasaia 3 pm 3 am Warrior Room an engraved arch
Liriums or Bust Jayte 4 pm 3 am Warrior Room an elegant stained glass door depicting a setting sun*
BABY GOT YAK Dokorum 12 pm 11 pm Food Plaza a steel arch
Itsky Jelly Shop Itsky 4 am 7 am Food Plaza a round lunat door
Aethenri's Outlet Aethenri 12 pm 10 pm Food Plaza a granite entrance
Dream Vision Eygor 5 pm 11 pm Dungeon Room a flower-covered arch
Dragon's Hoard Jaytaug 6 pm 1 am Dungeon Room a dark recessed entrance
Budget Arms, Armor And Misc Vallaron 4 pm 9 pm Dungeon Room a heavy iron door
Glittermine Ascher 6 pm 12 pm Storage Area an ornately engraved arch
Tears of the World Dragon Monne 12 pm 3 am Storage Area a shady entrance
Caveat Emptorium Cauchy 1 pm 10 pm Storage Area an oak door
Finer Things By Zincir Zincir 5 pm 3 am Children's Room an engraved arch
All-Mart By Ralfey Ralfey 10 am 4 am Children's Room a low mahogany entrance
Khauskho's Wholesale Khauskho 4 pm 1 am Children's Room a heavy iron door
Keshko And Co. Keshko 1 pm 3 am The Back Room a steel arch
Gnara's Tiny Shop Gnara 1 pm 11 pm The Back Room an elegant stained glass door depicting a setting sun*
New World Treasures Refractal 6 pm 11 pm The Back Room a dark entrance
  • the command to enter a shop with a 'glass door' is to 'go door'

Shard's Crystal Plaza

Last Updated: 20 Skullcleaver 440 (01/26/2022)

Shop Name Owner Opens Closes Room Entryway
Flauja's Frivolities Flauja 12 pm 3 pm Luminous Room a gleaming white entrance
Alam Alirel Iahes Genshun 6 pm 9 pm Luminous Room a heavy iron door
Rasgrim's Shop Rasgrim 4 pm 12 am Luminous Room a crystalline arch
Jep's Shop Jep 12 pm 4 am Oak Room an engraved oak entrance
Sorcerous Patterns Neradyce 9 am 12 am Oak Room a dark marble door
Inver Brass Jondac unknown unknown Oak Room a flower-covered arch
Apodu Hekemhhg Bovi 9 am 1 am Prism Room a shady entrance
Myya's Miscellany Myya 2 pm 4 am Prism Room an elegant stained glass door depicting a setting sun
Nyr And Far Nyrhin 4 pm 10 pm Prism Room a steel arch
Arkial's Accents And Accessories Arkial 11 am 1 am Play Yard an embossed entrance
Slixy Starz Smithy Slixy 2 pm 8 pm Play Yard a heavy iron door
Function over Fashion Tellel 12 pm 3 am Play Yard an ornately engraved arch
Silvyandril's Shop Silvyandril 5 pm 12 am The Sea a crab entrance
Krazeil's Troop Supply And Arms Krazeil 3 pm 10 pm The Sea a sea-green door
Rarefish Rando Kurtus 9 am 12 am The Sea an ornately engraved arch
Dannalea's Shop Dannalea 6 pm 3 am Food Court stooped granite entrance
AAA Outpost: Nineve's Nook Nineve 5 pm 12 am Food Court a red-framed door
Fish Habitat Notocar 5 pm 11 pm Food Court a flower-covered arch
Junk And Disorderly Greyhallow 8 am 11 pm Storage a simple entrance
Fertin Store Fertin 1 pm 4 am Storage a hidden door
Pawnstein Shop Ishcah 10 am 1 am Storage an obscured arch


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  1. Rollover protections, outlined by Zadraes on the official Discord server.