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Location & Information

Market Plazas house player owned shops. These shops carry various items of interest to players; whether player-crafted, festival/quest sourced or rare and unique. Also see market plaza utilities for apps that will make perusing shop inventory easier.

There are currently Market Plazas located in The Crossing, Riverhaven's Knight's Hall and Shard's Crystal Plaza.

Crossing's Market Plaza

Is located over the ramp just east of the bank.
The available trader shops are located in 27 rooms on three floors.
There is a lovely garden and a Food Court to relax and socialize in,
or perhaps relax on a comfy couch and enjoy the artwork or artifacts in many of the hallways.
Be sure to visit the fountain and pick a flower to remember your visit in the Gladiolus Room.
There is also a spacious foyer, which provides shoppers with a listings board for more convenient browsing.

Public Notice:

                   Welcome Sellers, Shoppers and Deal Seekers!

This merchant plaza is provided by the local Traders' Guild.  While visiting,
please be sure to take advantage of our helpful guards and be considerate to
those making their wares available to you.

  * The listings board details the current establishments.
  * A quick READ of the board can show which are presently open.
  * Careful STUDY of the board can show a list of all the shops, closed and opened.
  * You can LOOK for hours of operation posted at an establishment's entrance.
  * Our establishment owners are asked to maintain a SHOP catalog
    of their wares to easily see their offerings.
  * You can ASK any guard for information about a shop, room or
    the entrance/foyer to the plaza and they will lead you there.
  * The guards will not tolerate offensive behavior and will enforce
    the laws of the town.
  * Please be respectful to our establishment owners:
    Don't leave your trash lying about!

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your shopping!

Syntax and Use of the Plaza

Note: You'll need to enter a Market Plaza to utilize these commands.
In Crossing, the bazaar guards handle affairs outside the Market Plaza and are incompatible with these commands. Plaza guards handle affairs inside the Market Plaza and are compatible with the commands below.

As the notice explains, there are a number of commands available within Market Plazas.

  • READ <notice>: Gives the information listed above in the welcome notice.
  • READ <board>: Lists current OPEN shops by name, the plaza room they're located in and a general description of inventory as specified by the shop owner.
  • STUDY <board>: Lists all current shops by name within the plaza; regardless of OPEN or CLOSED status with OPEN shops highlighted.
  • ASK <guard> about <shop name>: Asking a plaza guard about a shop name (or any part of the shop name) will result in them guiding you directly to that OPEN shop rather than navigating the plaza yourself. Ask them twice within 30 seconds.
  • ASK <guard> about <foyer/entrance: Asking a plaza guard about FOYER or ENTRANCE will result in them guiding you directly to the entrance of the Market Plaza (assuming you are not already there). Ask them twice within 30 seconds.
  • LOOK <door/entrance/arch/doorway/PORTAL/etc>: Inside the Market Plaza, you may LOOK at specific shop entrances within the Plaza while standing outside the shops themselves for shop owner information and hours of operation in OOC "real life" Eastern Time. This information is also listed on the player owned shops page.
  • SHOP <help>: Lists SHOP COMMAND syntax.
  • SHOP <without a modifier while standing in an NPC or player owned shop>: To view the the items (shop surfaces) that hold goods for sale
Note: Some older NPC shops are not compatible with the SHOP command.
  • SHOP <item/surface>: Lists the goods/items for sale organized upon this surface.
  • SHOP <item noun ie., broadsword/GOOD>: for information and price about a specific item by noun. Also starts the purchase process for said item.

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