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Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Trader
Instance Prime
Relatives Ledge, the ledger

Upper Crust Secretia, an Elven Trader.
He has an oval face, pointed ears, almond-shaped violet eyes and a classical nose. His silver hair is very long and fine, and is worn feathered back from your his in a windblown look. He has pale skin and an athletic build.
He is tall for an Elf.
He is young.
He has a large, thick, bristling mustache on his upper lip and a long fuzzy beard.


He is wearing a length of snow-white fabric edged with stylized embroidery, some deep blue tanzenite hairbeads, a silver earring set with a small red garnet, a dull serpent earcuff, some polished white gold earrings set with two tear-shaped amethysts, a linked necklace of tiny gold manacles, a white gold necklace displaying a large amethyst pendant, a plate gorget, a creamy velvet cloak carefully stitched with a scene from Asketi's Ride, a witch ball, an ornate platinum brooch set with an orichalcum icosahedron, a witch ball, a witch ball, a witch ball, a witch ball, an alabaster scorpion pin, a dark silverweave lootsack, a gilded-leather satchel embossed with a mottled sithinnak -- emblem of the Shard Trader's Guild, a purple faille odaj, a fitted black brocade doublet accented with small lion's head buttons, some nightmare black leathers, an ornate platinum armband, an etched platinum armband, a crystal bracelet inlaid with precious stones, a gold manacle with a broken chain, n a serpentine platinum ring displaying a lustrous fang pearl, a gold ring shaped into a tiny manacle set with miniscule rubies, a twisted cambrinth ring inset with an onyx and pearl eye, a makeshift linen belt crafted from a length of bedsheet, a suede weapons belt with carved sana'ati panels, a gem pouch of richly embroidered Elothean silk, some fancy pants, a delicate brass oak leaf anklet, a palladium anklet, and a pair of black leather dress shoes with silver buckles.

The Legend of the Ledger

The life of a trader can be a solitary one. Days on the road, traveling between cities, making acquaintances, but, rarely friends, can be trying for even the strongest of individuals. Wheeling and dealing to give customers what they want while making a profit, no matter who the customer is, can be trying on a friendship. (Not to mention the yak poop smell that just about never washes off.) Often times, a traders truest friend is his constant companion, his ledger.

Imagine, if you will, dear reader, the tales that could be told of one of those well traveled ledgers! Exotic places, trade route dalliances, bandit raids and more! These are the tales of the trader.

An intrepid interviewer was able to procure one of these ledgers from a charming trader that has made quite a name for himself. A few magic words and a tap of a wand, and that book opened up, and, holy berengaria, did it have tales to tell! ( You think there is a sleeping dragon that could wake up and destroy the world, a talking book is NOT that far fetched!)

This is what happened next:

“Hello, Ledger. May I call you Ledger?”

Placing the book gently on the table top in a secluded booth in the Silver Eye Inn, our interviewer settled himself in as the pages of the book began to flip, creating what sounded remarkably like common words.

“My friends call me Ledge.”

“Your friends?”

“I have friends!” The book rustled violently creating enough of a breeze to nearly extinguish a nearby candle.

“You have been able to talk for less than a rois, who are your friends?”

“You just made a book talk, who are you to judge?”

“Fair enough, Ledge. Can you please tell me who you belong to?”

“We like to think that we don’t belong to anyone, we are more like companions.”


“Look buddy, you made me talk, but I don’t have to you know! I have free will!”

“Um, you are an inanimate object...”

“I will cut you!” Slamming its cover open and shut the book began to bounce across the table.

“Okay! Okay! Sorry!”

“That’s better.” Slowing it erratic movements the book seemed to settle itself in front of the startled interviewer. Open to the first page, an inscription could clearly be read.



“I am the companion of Secretia, the Diamond of Illithi,” the book proudly exclaimed. (We think it was an exclamation, it is hard to tell with books.)

“Secretia comes from a long line of traders. I acted as companion to his father, and his grandfather before him. My pages have been torn and replaced, my bindings broken and my cover replaced, but, I have never be thrown away. Do you want to know why?”


“Because I am the best, and by proxy, I make them the best.” The pages began to flip slowly to reveal elegant script noting contracts and commodities moving supplies and equipment between the provinces.

“I travel with Secretia on his routes, and track the sales in his shop. I have witnessed him become more than just a trader. He is an excellent combatant, he can open treasure boxes dropped by the most ferocious of creatures, and he leaves a trail of admirers no matter where he goes.”

“What is he like personally,” the interviewer asked as he leaned closer to read the notations in the ledger.

“A good ledger keeps its traders secrets.” Snapping shut, the book bounced itself back across the table.

“Secretia is very handsome. The womenfolk swoon and call him dreamy. Men have been known to bend a knee and kiss his hand.

“He is charismatic. He can charm the skin right off a beast and into his bundle without even touching his knife.

“He is wealthy. He does not call himself “the Diamond of Illithi” because of his sparkling smile. It has been said that his accounts rival that of the Ferdahl herself .”

“As his ledger, wouldn’t you know?”

Rustling its pages in agitation, the ledge made a sound that could best be describe as disgruntled. “A good ledger never tells. I thought we had established that?”

“Oh, yes,” the interviewer said apologetically. “Well, what else can you tell us?”

“What more is there to know?”

“Well, all you have said it that he is handsome and rich, and possibly a little arrogant. As his best friend, shouldn’t you know more?”

The cover of the book slammed itself open causing it to jump on the table and then land on it’s bottom edge.

“What are you trying to say!”

Pressing back in his seat, the interviewer fumbled for his wand, dropping it under the table. The book hopped across the table toward him.

“Just that, there has to be more...” His voice trailed off as he ducked under the table. Pages flipping wildly the book flung itself onto the seat, forcing the terrified man to fall to the floor to avoid being cut by the charging book. Crawling out from under the table, he was finally able to stand, wand in hand, facing the furious book.

“I am very important! Secretia is my fri...”

Sparks flew from the tip of the wand and a loud pop startled nearby patrons. The maniacal ledger fell with a THUD, landing at the mans feet. Tentatively, he picked up the book and slammed it hard against the table a few times, as if to be sure the spell had come to an end.

Smiling nervously he brought the book to the bartender. He asked him to please return the slightly battered ledger to the most handsome trader in all the realms. The bartender smiled knowingly as the man bolted for the door.


You do not get to get all annoyed about the lack of juicy details, ledgers tend to be in smelly backpacks, and they are just books. What did you expect!?! <3 the player of Synamon