Crystal Plaza

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Location & Information

Market Plazas house player owned shops. These shops carry various items of interest to players; whether player-crafted, festival/quest sourced or rare and unique. Also see market plaza utilities for apps that will make perusing shop inventory easier.

There are currently Market Plazas located in The Crossing, Riverhaven's Knight's Hall and Shard's Crystal Plaza.

Shard's Crystal Plaza

Is located west of the bank. The available trader shops are located in seven rooms, with a central hub called the Rotunda. There is also a spacious lobby, which provides shoppers with a listings board for more convenient browsing.

Public Notice

Welcome Sellers, Shoppers and Deal Seekers!
This merchant plaza is provided by the local Traders' Guild. While visiting, please be sure to take advantage of our helpful guards and be considerate to those making their wares available to you.

  • The listings board details the current establishments.
  • Careful STUDY of the board can show which are presently open.
  • You can LOOK for hours of operation posted at an establishment's entrance. Our establishment owners are asked to maintain a SHOP catalog of their wares to easily see their offerings.
  • The guards will not tolerate offensive behavior and will enforce the laws of the town.
  • Please be respectful to our establishment owners:
  • Don't leave your trash lying about!


Luminous Room

Oak Room

Ilithian Military Surplus (sponsored by the Ilithi Militia)

Prism Room

Myya's Miscellany

Play Yard

Corcles Quagmire
Secretia's Secret

The Sea

Rarefish Rando

Food Court

Dutosa's Metals
Elaijah's Exotic Mercantile