Town Green Pond

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The Crossing, Town Green Pond
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars


The Crossing Town Green Pond is a place of gathering in the center of the bustling port city of The Crossing (map link). In the winter time the pond freezes over and frequently hot chocolate and ice skates become available. While frozen it is possible to ice skate on the pond.

The Pond is safe from pickpockets - it is a designated no-steal zone. However, violence is still possible.

Harvey the Gelapod

A domesticated gelapod lives in The Crossing pond during most of the year other than Winter. Though given many names by many different people, the most commonly used name is "Harvey." Harvey has the unique talent of eating any item that is fed to it.

Locksmith Union Headquarters and Box Raffle

Since November 2001 the pond has served as the headquarters for The Locksmith Union. Locksmiths are frequently found "hanging out" at the pond and many adventurers know to check by the pond when boxes are in need of opening.

The Pond served as the principle location for the Locksmith Union Box Raffle in 2001, 2003, 2004, and 2006, but beginning in 2007 the Box Raffle has been moved to a wedding event area accessible by wedding portals.

The Locksmith Union considered the pond an ideal headquarters because of several factors:

  • It is out of the way - less chance for accidental maimings from people passing through
  • No guards patrol the pond (many locksmiths find themselves involved in criminal enterprises)
  • Harvey the Gelapod will eat all the trash leftover from boxes
  • There is quick access to nearby Thief Passages for disarming room effect traps
  • There is quick access to nearby non-violence rooms for disarming Reaper traps.
  • The pond is a highly urban local in regards to effecting the Thief bonus.

Normal Room Description

[The Crossing, Town Green Pond]
You stand on the bank of a tiny pond in the middle of the square. Cool water laps against the soft, velvety silt that covers the shore, and in the distance you can hear the bustle of the town. Sitting in the middle of the pond is a massive gelapod, looking content and not the least bit aggressive. You also see a domesticated gelapod.

Winter Room Description

[The Crossing, Town Green Pond]
You stand on the bank of a tiny pond in the middle of the square. A thick layer of ice seals the water, and in the distance you can hear the bustle of the town. The smooth ice looks very inviting, and quite safe!
You also see a large wooden barrel, a pale pine ice skate rack with several things on it and a small fire with a pot of hot chocolate on it.
Obvious paths: out.

On the skate rack
Item Price Done
natural suede ice skates with brown laces 2,500   
emerald green ice skates with golden laces 2,500   
grey ice skates with black laces 2,500   
deep red suede ice skates with golden laces 2,500   
blue ice skates embroidered with a white gladiolus 5,000   

Skating: The Verbs

You can do the following verbs while wearing your ice skates on the frozen pond.

  • ADVANCE : You tromp your skates as you advance across the ice, making light furrows in its surface.
  • BOB : You crouch low and then stand again as you sail over the ice.
  • BOP : You do a little bouncing dance step, then glide off nonchalantly.
  • BOUNCE : You skate along low to the ice, your knees bent.
  • BOW : You slow your skating and stop with a flourish and a bow.
  • CHARGE : You tear off across the ice with a burst of speed!
  • CIRCLE : You skate in a wide circle, lazily gliding over the ice.
  • CURTSY : You glide to a stop, one knee sliding along the ice.
  • DANCE : Yeah, why not kick up your heels a bit... DOH! ICE! (It might be a better idea to SKATE instead.)
Others see : <Person> flails <his/her> arms around, and struggles ungracefully to not land on <his/her> rump on the ice.
  • FALL : You stumble and go flying across the ice on your belly, oww!
  • FLY : You extend your arms and soar over the ice -- you feel like you are flying!
  • GRAPPLE :You grab your knees and do a quick sit spin before standing up again.
  • JUMP : You leap into the air and land on one foot, gliding along the ice.
Others see: <Person> leaps into the air, landing on one foot to glide across the ice.
  • JUMP <Person> : You attempt a spinning jump to impress <Person>! At least you land solidly.
  • JUMP <Self> : Multiple Messages
You do a double spin jump, landing with a slight wobble, but recover very nicely!
You attempt to do a double spin jump, you almost make it! Well, one and a half spins isn't bad.
You attempt to do a double spin jump, but actually accomplish a quite nice single spin. You land nicely however, with confidence and flair!
You attempt to do a double spin jump, but manage to only complete one rotation.
You skate slowly, building speed, then leap from the ice effortlessly to a double spin jump, land solidly, do another rapid spin on the ice and finish with a slight bow of your head!
  • KICK : You skate along on one foot, giving yourself a little push with the other foot from time to time.
  • KISS <Person> : You lean over and give <Person> a kiss as you glide across the ice.
  • NUDGE : You lift one leg into the air, gliding across the ice on one foot.
  • PACE : You skate back and forth.
  • POKE : You skate around in a tight circle while lightly poking at the ice with the toe of your ice skate.
  • POKE <Person> : You skate away from <Person> then pull <him/her> back close into your arms.
  • PULL <Person> : You pull <Person> toward you and lean against <him/her> as you sweep across the ice together.
  • RETREAT :You do an easy spin on two feet, turning around twice. That's pretty good!
  • SHUFFLE : You attempt some fancy footwork there, looking good!
  • SKATE : You skate in a tight circle, with a slight flourish at the end.
Others see : <Person> skates in a tight circle, ending with a flourish.
  • SKATE <Person> (First Attempt) : You invite <Person> to skate with you.
Others see : You are offered the next spin around the ice by <Person> who reaches over, gently clasps your hand and smiles.
  • SKATE <Person> (Second Attempt) : You glide lightly across the ice with <Person>
  • SKIP : You bound across the ice, your skates barely skimming the ice.
  • SQUIRM : You sashay across the ice, wiggling your hips.
  • TEASE <Self>: You clown around on the ice, best be careful there!
<Person> is clowning around out on the ice, show off!
  • TEASE <Person> : You skate up close to <Person> and give her a friendly tap.
  • TURN : You do an easy spin on two feet, turning around twice. That's pretty good!
Others see : <Person> does a double spin -- not very fast but it looks great!
  • TURN <Self> : You turn and skate backwards, with long smooth glides!
  • TURN <Person> :You skate around <Person>, keeping your eye on him.
  • WEAVE : You skate across the ice, zigzagging easily.
  • WINK <Person> : You skate in a circle around <Person>, then catch <his/her> hand and continue skating easily over the ice together.
  • WOBBLE : You wobble along on your skates, feeling rather unsteady.