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You can do the following verbs while wearing your ice skates on the frozen pond.

   ADVANCE : You tromp your skates as you advance across the ice, making light furrows in its surface.
   BOB : You crouch low and then stand again as you sail over the ice.
   BOP : You do a little bouncing dance step, then glide off nonchalantly.
   BOUNCE : You skate along low to the ice, your knees bent.
   BOW : You slow your skating and stop with a flourish and a bow.
   CHARGE : You tear off across the ice with a burst of speed!
   CIRCLE : You skate in a wide circle, lazily gliding over the ice.
   CURTSY : You glide to a stop, one knee sliding along the ice.
   DANCE : Yeah, why not kick up your heels a bit... DOH! ICE! (It might be a better idea to SKATE instead.) 
   Others see : <Person> flails <his/her> arms around, and struggles ungracefully to not land on <his/her> rump on the ice. 
   FALL : You stumble and go flying across the ice on your belly, oww!
   FLY : You extend your arms and soar over the ice -- you feel like you are flying!
   GRAPPLE :You grab your knees and do a quick sit spin before standing up again.
   JUMP : You leap into the air and land on one foot, gliding along the ice. 
   Others see: <Person> leaps into the air, landing on one foot to glide across the ice. 
   JUMP <Person> : You attempt a spinning jump to impress <Person>! At least you land solidly.
   JUMP <Self> : Multiple Messages 
   You do a double spin jump, landing with a slight wobble, but recover very nicely! 
   You attempt to do a double spin jump, you almost make it! Well, one and a half spins isn't bad. 
   You attempt to do a double spin jump, but actually accomplish a quite nice single spin. You land nicely however, with confidence and flair! 
   You attempt to do a double spin jump, but manage to only complete one rotation. 
   You skate slowly, building speed, then leap from the ice effortlessly to a double spin jump, land solidly, do another rapid spin on the ice and finish with a slight bow of your head! 
   KICK : You skate along on one foot, giving yourself a little push with the other foot from time to time.
   KISS <Person> : You lean over and give <Person> a kiss as you glide across the ice.
   NUDGE : You lift one leg into the air, gliding across the ice on one foot.
   PACE : You skate back and forth.
   POKE : You skate around in a tight circle while lightly poking at the ice with the toe of your ice skate.
   POKE <Person> : You skate away from <Person> then pull <him/her> back close into your arms.
   PULL <Person> : You pull <Person> toward you and lean against <him/her> as you sweep across the ice together.
   RETREAT :You do an easy spin on two feet, turning around twice. That's pretty good!
   SHUFFLE : You attempt some fancy footwork there, looking good!
   SKATE : You skate in a tight circle, with a slight flourish at the end. 
   Others see : <Person> skates in a tight circle, ending with a flourish. 
   SKATE <Person> (First Attempt) : You invite <Person> to skate with you. 
   Others see : You are offered the next spin around the ice by <Person> who reaches over, gently clasps your hand and smiles. 
   SKATE <Person> (Second Attempt) : You glide lightly across the ice with <Person>
   SKIP : You bound across the ice, your skates barely skimming the ice.
   SQUIRM : You sashay across the ice, wiggling your hips.
   TEASE <Self>: You clown around on the ice, best be careful there! 
   <Person> is clowning around out on the ice, show off! 
   TEASE <Person> : You skate up close to <Person> and give her a friendly tap.
   TURN : You do an easy spin on two feet, turning around twice. That's pretty good! 
   Others see : <Person> does a double spin -- not very fast but it looks great! 
   TURN <Self> : You turn and skate backwards, with long smooth glides!
   TURN <Person> :You skate around <Person>, keeping your eye on him.
   WEAVE : You skate across the ice, zigzagging easily.
   WINK <Person> : You skate in a circle around <Person>, then catch <his/her> hand and continue skating easily over the ice together.
   WOBBLE : You wobble along on your skates, feeling rather unsteady.