Kick command

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KICK <self>

You see: Kicking yourself? can't be that bad, can it?
Others see: <Person> looks like <he/she> could kick <himself/herself>.

KICK <person>
You see: You kick <Person>!
Target sees: <Person> walks over and kicks you in the shin!
Others see: <Person1> kicks <Person2>!

KICK (in water)
You see: You lean back and kick your feet, churning up water that sprays out in all directions.
Others see: <Person> churns up water with her feet, spraying you thoroughly.

KICK <person> (in water)
You see: You kick water at <Person>, spraying <him/her> thoroughly.
Target sees: <Person> kicks <his/her> feet, churning up water that sprays you thoroughly.
Others see: ?