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Role-playing command to jump, bounce, execute impressive gymnastic moves, and to splash in the water.

You see: You bounce up and down like a little kid.
Others see: <Person> begins bouncing up and down like a little kid!

JUMP (while sitting)
You see: You bounce in your seat!
Others see: <Person> bounces from where <he/she> is sitting!

JUMP <person>
You see: You jump back from <Person>!
Target sees: <Person> jumps back from you!
Others see: <Person1> jumps back from <Person2>!

JUMP <self> - This varies and gives 5 second Roundtime

JUMP (in water)
You see: You jump up in the air and land with a colossal *WHOOOOSH*, spraying water everywhere!
Others see: <Person> jumps up in the air and lands with a colossal *WHOOOOSH*, spraying water all over you!

-When jumping self, there's a limit with armor, not sure if the limit is leather, or if it's weight based, also hands must be empty.

> jump <self>

You must have two hands free.

> jump <self>

You can't do that wearing a damite chain hauberk! --Hauberk is 559 stones.

At 60 agility, no buffs:

> jump <self>

You do an incredible backflip with a beautiful twist rotation, gaining nearly five feet of air and landing neatly on your feet without so much as a wobble! [Roundtime: 5 seconds]

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