Salvage Finds of the Reshal Sea

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Salvaged Finds of the Reshal Sea
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Armor shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Salvage Finds of the Reshal Sea, Shop Floor]
Fashioned from an upturned ironwood galley once wrecked along the sea floor, the vessel has been repurposed into a freestanding structure using reclaimed oaken driftwood nailed to the hull. Gaethzen lamps dangle from closed portholes, swaying freely.
You also see a brass coat rack with several things on it, a wooden mannequin with a few things on it, a wooden display cabinet holding multiple weapons, a wooden hat shelf made from a plank with a couple of things on it and an open hatch leading outside.
Obvious exits: none.

On the brass rack
Item Price Done
single-breasted naval peacoat of blue twill wool 50,12   
double-breasted naval gamantang of indigo khaddar with golden epaulettes 50,012   
brilliant vermillion camlet frock coat with tomiek buttons 1,692,512   !!
deckhand's peacoat of blue grey wool 50,012   
Mismatched naval coats dangle from this rack.
On the wooden mannequin
Item Price Done
oiled onyx-hide leathers stamped with an elaborate embossed pattern resembling scales 2,001,093   !!
oiled onyx-hide gloves with hooked tips and webbing visible between the fingers 187,740   !!
oiled onyx-hide cowl bearing thick dark-tinted lenses set inside an expressionless mask 231,775   !!
A set of armor stamped with the crest of House Moglin adorns this mannequin.
In the display cabinet
Item Price Done
salt-stained boarding axe with a tamboti haft and a jagged coralite head 52,375,356   
darkstone marine stiletto with an onyx-hide leather-wrapped hilt 1,906,262   
Various weapons are mounted inside this Oaken cabinet.
On the hat shelf
Item Price Done
zerarin wool bicorn hat with a knot of neatly-tied blue ribbon attached 1,000,125   
camlet tricorn hat with a knot of white ribbons 125,125   
Multiple hats sit on this shelf.