Lasa Morit Livery

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Lasa Morit Livery
Province Therengia
Town Therenborough
Map Ranik's Map 42a
Owner Raedams
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Tack shops, Horse shops, Stable shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Lasa Morit Livery, Tack Room]
Large hooks supporting tack in various stages of construction and repair line the walls of this bright and airy room. A low-slung rail runs between two worn benches, creating an easy spot to sling saddles while giving them a proper cleaning. Occasional breezes filter through the open window overlooking the paddock outside. Tucked behind the open door, several shelves hold an overflowing array of grooming tools. You also see Stablemaster Raedams.
Obvious exits: out.

On the hook
Item Price Done
woven halter of softest cotton reinforced with steelsilk threads 2,500   
chestnut brown raised snaffle bridle with polished edges and long laced reins 3,000   
On the rail
Item Price Done
finely tooled soft black leather saddle 25,000   
On the shelf
Item Price Done
large circular curry comb with rounded steel teeth 1,000   
hoof pick 1,500   
curved tortoise shell mane and tail brush 600   
On the battered bench
Item Price Done
felt saddle pad trimmed with plaid binding 2,250   
royal blue woolen blanket 2,000   
On the worn bench
Item Price Done
soft brush 300   

[Lasa Morit Livery, Stable]
Muffled by a thick bed of straw, the sound of stomping hooves echoes from several of the roomy box stalls extending along both sides of the spacious stable. The overwhelming musk that is pure horse mingles with the scent of saddle soap, warm leather, and hay dust to create the distinctive atmosphere that is common to all well run stables. Soothing reassurances follow in the wake of a young stable hand attempting to escort a high-strung stallion to the stable yard. You also see a corral, an open doorway, and a VERY IMPORTANT SIGN you should READ.

Animals for Sale
Item Price Done
[To look at an individual animal type ORDER to get a list of the beasts for sale and their corresponding numbers then type LOOK #.]
1. a dun pony 425,000   
2. a bay horse 425000   
3. a liver chestnut horse 425,000   
4. a silver grey horse 425,000   
5. a bay horse 425,000   
6. a red dun horse 425,000   
7. a smoky grey horse 425,000   
8. a gold-colored horse 425,000   
9. a cherry bay horse 425,000   
10. a liver chestnut horse 425,000   
11. a dun pony 425,000   
12. a white pony 425,000   
13. a light grey horse 425,000   
14. a buckskin horse 425,000