The First Land Herald/421-05-02

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Article Number: BI41
Dateline: 421-05-02

The Asketian attack previously reported by the Herald has now been duplicated in Ilithi, centralized in the capital city of Shard. Once again adders and hags led the charge, supported from the shadows by harbingers. Banshees were seen in force near the end of the battle, bringing with them their deadly Icebound Heart curse. Thankfully good awareness of the curse kept its effects to a minimum, with most deaths occurring due to the banshees’ brutal spirit attack.

Triage took place in the city’s Triage Building, one block south of the east gate. Fortunately, defense of the city was rallied quickly, thanks to a warning from the Moon Mages’ Guild. Their shared vision is detailed below:

The world suddenly faded to shadow around the mage. A tiny mote of sickly green light emerged from the darkness, hovering eerily in a self-repeating, circular pattern. The mage’s perspective rapidly expanded, as if being shot into the air, and the image of a four-pointed crystal star surrounded by a ring of water was visible below, circumscribed by the ominous green nova. The light exploded into four snaking lines that streaked toward each tip of the star. A piercing wail echoed in the mage’s mind as vision returned to the here and now.

Discussion of the event still leads defenders to believe dark aspects of the divine are in some way displeased. At this time, the Herald is actively seeking interviews with Clerics who specialize in the darker side of divinity. If you or someone you know fits such a description, please get in touch with any Herald reporter for a brief interview: Navesi or Saragos Daerthon, Klines Silvermist, Marcul McRee-Rhyian, or Simera Asherah.

Perhaps most troublesome about these events is the preceding feeling that fate is being manipulated in some fashion. During both battles, I experienced a pervading sense of actions being taken directly against Fate. Could this feeling be a warning? A blessing? Might this feeling be a light aspect looking to aid the defenders? Or are we still beset with an impenetrable darkness, borne of a darker aspects disappointment? Unfortunately, we have only speculation to guide us at the moment.

Marcul McRee-Rhyian
Assistant Reporter, The First Land Herald

Real Date: Unknown Date

Asketian harbinger


Giant adder




Lesser North Wind banshee


Moon Mage


Ragged wind hag