Aelik's Pawn

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Aelik's Pawn
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67
Owner Aelik
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Pawn shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Aelik's Pawn]
The deceiving appearance of this shop's broken down and dreary outside is nothing compared to the clean and carefully organized inside. While a fine layer of dust does seem to coat some of the older items, there is a feeling of constant change here as things are shuffled about, sold, or moved off to other locations. You also see a bucket of viscous gloop, the pawnmonger Aelik and the backroom
Obvious exits: out.

[Aelik's Pawn, Backroom]
Shelves line the walls, side-by-side with cabinets that hold various oddities and objects that will not fit in the front room being shoved in here instead. Clutter covers nearly every inch of bare space, piling up to the ceiling.
Obvious exits: out.