Ulf'Hara Keep

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Once found to the east of Crossing, it was home of Zoluren's royalty prior to its destruction.

Previously known as Ughtensgard Keep, it was built during the Empire of the Seven Pointed Star to safeguard Imperial trade roads and their isolated cities. One Imperial Road ran from Keep Ughtensgard, through the savage Sorrow's Reach region, up to Riverhaven in the north.

The Keep was refurbished and renamed by Sirolarn, shortly after his accession to the throne. Sirolarn officially moved the royal residence from DiSilveron Manor during his coronation ceremonies and festival in 361 AV.

Rumors of ghostly hauntings have plagued the Keep. The specter of a headless man has been seen by several people on at least one occasion.


It once consisted of Royal Chambers for the reigning Prince and family, guest quarters, grand halls and foyers for entertaining, audience chamber, barracks and a dungeon. Has been the site of several realm-wide 'balls' of a chosen color theme in recent years.

Destruction -- 17 Shorka, 410 AV

(September 29, 2013)
Following an onslaught from a rogue faction of the Elpalzi, the walls of historic Ulf'Hara Keep were breached and the once majestic home of Zoluren's royal family was destroyed, killing many inside. The death toll included several warriors, dozens of Zoluren guardsmen and keep staff - along with Nobles and notables; Lindryl, Keirnen, Yallance, Kaovales, Renshuel, Zoranyl, Pikeman Jonus, Sybina, et al. Prisoners in the dungeon were also killed; Grishnok, Raellia, Molphant, and Midjure, among others.


Following the destruction of Ulf'Hara Keep, it was opened as the site of a quest known as the Ruins of Ulf'Hara. In 424 (2017), a follow-up SimuCoin event was released called Return to the Keep.