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Road to Ilaya Taipa
Zoluren Province
Notable People: none
Landmarks: none
Creatures (level): none
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Many spots on this road are composed of muddy terrain, which cause a Roundtime when moving, teach Athletics skill, and possibly get you stuck if you lack the Athletics skill to move freely through it. One can DIG <self> to free oneself enough to move.

Also, there are Small red blood mites which can attach to you.

Every once in a while, travelers can trigger puffballs along the route to explode, showering them with spores. They don't seem to cause any disease or poison, but they do irritate the nose, lips, and tongue, giving intermittent fits with a low RT for a few minutes:

Some pale puffball mushrooms shivers almost imperceptibly. Several of the puffball mushrooms erupt with a soft *whumpf*, showering the room with a spray of tiny grey spores.

Your nose itches. Your lips tingle. Your swollen tongue thrashes in your mouth!
Roundtime: 3 seconds.