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The HUNT command allows discovery of, and movement to, creatures in the areas around you.


  • HUNT: searches for tracks of nearby creatures/players
  • HUNT <#>: Where # is the creature you would like to hunt down. Moves you to the numbered creature you found while using HUNT.
Example Usage: Using HUNT provides creatures 1,2,3 with creature 1 being a field goblin,
2 being a musk hog, and 3 being Joebob.
You would then type 'HUNT 1' to go to the field goblin, 'HUNT 2' for the
musk hog, or 'HUNT 3' to go to Joebob.


Hunt teaches scouting skill (only to Rangers), and perception skill, in that order of decreasing amounts.
There is a separate timer of 75 seconds on learning for each of the two aspects of the HUNT command.
Re-using hunt will not reset the timer, and you will not learn.

There are two factors in the amount of experience granted by HUNT. Both maximum teaching level and amount of experience are determined by the highest level creature that is detected. NPCs and players count as level 0.[1]

Hunt will not teach any Perception unless you have at least 1 rank in it. This is a known issue, and likely will not be changed.


The max number of rooms away in a path (not in total) you can see is dependent on your Survival Skillset Placement (Primary vs Secondary vs Tertiary) and your Perception. For Rangers, Scouting is included, although the formula is not known. For non-Rangers, it appears to just be based on Perception ranks.

The ability to see those in hiding (PCs or NPCs) does have a Perception check against the hidden target's Hiding. Degree of Success will determine if you see a name, just something in hiding, or no indication at all.

  • Rangers max 6 rooms away.
    • 4 rooms away at <147 Perception, <143 Scouting
  • Survival primes max 5 rooms away.
    • 2 rooms away at 0 Perception
    • 3 rooms away at 80 Perception
    • 4 rooms away at <254, >211 Perception
    • 5 rooms away at ?? Perception
  • Survival secondaries max 4 rooms away.
    • 2 rooms away at 0 Perception
    • 3 rooms away at 150 Perception
    • 4 rooms away at >230 Perception
  • Survival tertiaries max 3 rooms away.
    • 2 rooms away at 0 Perception
    • 3 rooms away at 200 Perception

Hunt and stealth

HUNTing a creature while hidden will move you to that area, and attempt to hide in the new area, teaching Stealth skill. If an attempt is made while in invisibility, the invisbility fails and an attempt is made to hide in the new area.


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