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Shvartzgonif Savakiian
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Platinum
Relatives Shayddow, Shoshannah, Kydosha, Totendanz (Plat)

Deity of choice: Both Hav'roth, and the World Dragon are revered by him.
Home: A middle-class house in Riverhaven, 1 block away from the bank.
He and the family he is the head of are members of Sraan Irhhnth.


You are Elemental Bloodbath Shvartzgonif Savakiian, Conjurer of Velaka, a S'Kra Mur.
You have an angular face with a flexible ridged crest which follows the shape of your skull with elegant arched eyebrows, slitted crinkled green eyes and a narrow snout, camouflage scales with a pale silver underbelly, a kinked tail and a wiry build.
You are slightly under average height for a S'Kra Mur.
Your forearm has a tattoo of a green-banded serpent snaking its way through the eyes of a skull. You are archaic.
You are wearing a chain balaclava, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a pair of bifocals with steel rims, a warrior mage's earring depicting platinum sword and lightning bolt joined in harmony, an oval agate talisman case strung on a fine silver chain, a lapis-colored crystal medallion veined with tyrium, a delicate gold pendant in the shape of a winged serpent clutching a cambrinth egg in its talons, a deep brown marnet fur cloak, a clockwork spider, a Warrior Mage Guild boutonniere displaying a Scarlet Panther lily, an iron brooch encrusted with diamonds in the pattern of a purse, a slender black ribbon, a ruby red badge stitched with "A trip to Shard and all I got was a lousy badge!", a clockwork granite gargoyle pin with an expression of childlike innocence, a lumpy bundle, a canvas sack shabbily embroidered with a Warrior Mage crest pattern in off-white thread, a cambrinth-clasped leather backpack stitched with the crest of the Warrior Mage guild in silver thread, a flamboyant blue wizard's robe embroidered with golden stars, a rumpled burlap vest, a gleaming platinum badge etched with the phrase "Feel the flames of my wrath!", a darkened hauberk accented with bright silver lightning bolts, a worn leather arm sheath tooled with the image of a cobra wrapped around a sword, a wide cambrinth armband, some enameled elbow spikes, a shalswar-hide buckler, a warrior mage's wristlet intricately carved to resemble an inferno of red-gold flames, a deep ebony lizard wristcuff inset with diamond eyes, some wickedly spiked knuckles, some mail gauntlets painted to resemble rotting flesh, an albredine crystal ring, a platinum ring engraved with the Estate Holder's crest, a black leather naphtha holder with vial slots stitched to the sides, a wide leather utility belt embellished by a platinum crest, an origami-paper envelope, a spherical variegated pouch crafted to resemble a dragon curled around Elanthia, a flame-red rosewood spellbook case inset with swirling ruby fireballs, a simple belt knife, a dark gloomwood tailband carved with scowling faces, an intricate gold-inlaid tailband set with a sinuous cambrinth dragon, a thigh quiver dyed in a brown and green camouflage pattern, some iron knee spikes, an electrum anklet, a silver-edged bronze knife etched with small wisps of smoke, some pitted steel-toed footwraps, some black socks studded with bone fragments forming a skull and crossbones, some bloodstained steel-toed boots with tarnished skull buckles, and an etched steel parry stick with black leather straps.



Shvartzgonif, one of two twin brothers, was born during a time of political and social turmoil in Muspar'i. His house, members of Sraan Irhhnth, and which had originally been designated as gamant'hr'tys- the third house - was now relegated to the seventh - gamant hr'zhu. As such, their wealth and power had been siphoned away quite abruptly, Although they were not reduced to beggary, and were still one of the more powerful families in town, the loss of some of their more prized possessions and lands, were to the young s'kra an insult. As such, both brothers turned to crime to supplement their lost income. Especially so against the Therengian house of Dacawla, whose stranglehold against their ancestral lands were particularly irksome. His twin brother was equally adept at pilfering, each encouraging the other in deeds of daring-do. Eventually both brothers came to the attention of the local crime lords - the reign of which was before Crow took over operations. His brother joined the fledgling guild, but Shvartzgonif did not, as he wanted more - he wanted to learn how to cast magical spells, and considered the sleight of hand practiced by the guilded thieves to be mere parlor tricks. He was flattered by the offer however, and maintained ties to some known to be of that organization. He did learn a few practical lessons from his brother when it came to politics, and learned to travel to distant lands as not to be caught by those who would recognize him.

During one of these forays, he and his brother came upon a lone S'kra woman who was being mercilessly pummeled by four young human paladins. Not thinking of the consequences, but more in terms of supporting a lone woman in distress, they came to her rescue, his brother taking to the shadows and firing his crossbow, while Shvartz drew his scimitar and shouted insults at them at the top of his lungs. This more than any damage dissuaded the paladins from the pursuit of their quarry and they dispersed. He spoke to Sh'Barzlahh, for that was her name, in the S'kra Mur tongue, and discovered that she, like him, lived in Muspar'i and was not only a citizen but the former high priestess of the Dragon's Temple! He did not inquire further, so swept up was he by her beauty.

While he was courting her prior to their marriage, he found out that she was much older than himself, but still retained her youthful appearance, and her ability to bear children, due to some sort of forbidden magic that he didn't quite understand. Before Sh'barzlahh and he could be married, however, the local Dragon Temple and the council insisted that she had to give up all of her magic, destroy her books <although it was later learned that one copy survived, that she had misplaced in her kitchen> -- and swear that none of her children would be trained in magic - for such was the taint of the magic practiced during the times of the reign of Dzree. The current priests of the Temple, which now followed the teachings of Sh'kial, wanted nothing to do with the foul magic. So their marriage was conducted in both Hav'roth's Temple and the Dragon Temple, under both rituals.

Shvartzgonif and Sh'barzlahh had four daughters, the youngest of these named Shhayna. The three older daughters live quietly in Muspar'i still, never having joined a guild, and Shhyna, forswearing magic as ordered, became a guilded Barbarian. She in turn married Bahhgs, a merchant from the Dne family - and also of the Sraan Malk of Ratha, and they had four daughters, Shayddow, Shoshannah, Kydosha, and Totendanz. All four were instructed that they had to petition the governing council of the second house - the Gamant'hr'ku- if they wanted to join any of the magic guilds. No such restriction was put on Shvartzgonif, as he was married to Sh'barzlahh, not her blood relative. He had always wanted to learn magic, but somehow never find the time to seriously study the subject, with the responsibility of his family to care for.
The couple lived a relatively peaceful life until negotiations took place with Therengia to open up the route through Hvaral to all people. During these negotiations, which Sh'barzlahh had thought she would not be recognized at as she was much older than the human Therengians -- she had the misfortune to be recognized by a visiting Elven Paladin who was a member of the Hounds of Rutilor. She was quickly arrested, tried and convicted, and burned at the stake.

Shvartzgonif, heartbroken at the news, gave up any more illegal activities and threw himself wholeheartedly into the business of trying to keep the family together. Later on, when his son-in-law Bahhgs was first attacked by bandits on the way home from Theren, and then later on killed by pirates after negotiations on the island of Ratha, he took on more and more of the responsibility of head of house, finally taking over completely when his fourth daughter Shhayna was herself killed during an attack by slavers who lived in the deep Velaka.

Therefore it was not until the girls were older, and Shayddow had returned from being abducted by the pirates but was no longer living in Muspar'i, that Shvarzgonif was allowed to pursue his lifelong dream of studying magic. He currently studies under Gauthus.


You recall that you have a cedar-trimmed red brick house around Riverhaven, Theren Way. It is a freestanding home, with a window located in a middleclass urban area. Any race or profession can live in this home.

The home contains:

Floor: a polished blackwood floor.
Attached: a thick silk rug dyed a brilliant gold and patterned with a maze circling around the emblem of Muspar'i.
Home's Pet: a pale yellow canary.
Window: a stained glass window depicting a cobra coiled around a pile of gems.
Weapon Rack: a copper and patina weapon rack.
Attached: some throwing blades.
Attached: a flail.
Fire: a large brick fireplace.
Misc Furniture #2: a heavy gloomwood desk with intricate carvings..
Attached: a stack of magic handbooks.
Attached: a polished brass compass etched with a small pumpkin-headed boggle.
General Storage: a driftwood sea chest etched with nautical symbols.
Attached: a charred sign that reads "CAUTION: FIRE MAGE AT WORK".
Attached: a soft cotton Adan'f doll covered with an elegantly stitched scale pattern.
Attached: an alabaster S'Kra Mur figurine.
Attached: a padded Musparan silk robe.
Attached: a full-sleeved white shirt of pristine Musparan silk.
Door: a door.
Armor Stand: a heavy deobar claw-foot armor stand.
Attached: some half plate.
Attached: some deep green leathers.
Attached: a sinuous double chain tunic.
Wall: a polished ebonwood wall.
Attached: a fanciful painting depicting the World Dragon hatching from Grazhir.
Misc Furniture #1 : a deep-filled sandpit with a carved wooden frame.
Chair: a braid-trimmed black satin armchair.
Home Scent:Hhsskiet juice