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Shayddow Rettseyekhgonif
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Female
Guild Thief
Instance Platinum
Relatives Shvartzgonif, Kydosha, Shoshannah, Totendanz (Plat)

Citizenship: Ilithi.
Deity of Choice: Hav'roth.


You are a fellow thief, Draa Tai'shar Shayddow Retseyekhgonif, Blademaster of Ilithi, a S'Kra Mur.
You have an angular face with a flexible ridged crest which follows the shape of your skull with elegant arched eyebrows and slitted silver-flecked black eyes, camouflage scales with a pale silver underbelly, a long tail and an athletic figure.You are a bit over average height for a S'Kra Mur.
A sparkling bloodstone shaped like twin crossed daggers rests on your forehead, just above your eyes.You have a tattoo of a sleek panther that is stalking a dark armored warrior through the depths of a forest on your back.

Born on the fifth day of the 9th month of Dolefaren the Brigantine<ship> in the year of the Amber Phoenix, 339 years AV.
You are wearing a sparkling bloodstone shaped like twin crossed daggers, a polished chain balaclava edged with darkened links, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a hook-shaped copper earring, a silver nose guard with an intricate spiraling filigree pattern, a blackened silver medallion inlaid with eventide moonstone, a slate-blue crystal medallion strewn with night diamonds, a twilight-hued spidersilk cloak, a dull lockpick case crafted to resemble a treasure chest labeled "CLICK", a tin brooch inlaid with rubies in the pattern of an ogre, a cobra-shaped badge labeled "Hav'roth Worshipper", a small copper pin, a clockwork spider, a lumpy bundle, a sniper's light crossbow studded with smoky crystals, a dark silverweave lootsack, a worn grey hitman's backpack with fraying straps, a fitted jade blouse with long bell-cut sleeves, some richly shaded locksmith's robes belted with a thick sash of nightsilk, some black and grey hunting leathers mottled in distinctive cobra skin pattern, a carved electrum armband, some engraved elbow spikes, a tarnished target shield etched with a broken-hearted turnip, a verdigris snakeskin bracelet, some embossed brass knuckles, some blackened mail gloves, a grimy steel ring bearing the crest of the Barbarians' guild, a carved wooden oath ring branded with a scowling ebon Gor'Tog face, a platinum ring engraved with the Estate Holder's crest, a wide leather utility belt embellished by a platinum crest, a silver belt knife with a polished mahogany hilt, a medicine pouch made from the skull and hide of a cougar, a dusty grey belt purse with black leather straps, an origami-paper envelope, a brushed bronze tailband etched with brightly burnished crossed scimitars, a rough bronze tailband set with several rows of curved spikes, some grey ill-fitted trousers torn off at the knees, an ironwood lockpick case with a panther stalking a mage carved upon it, a thigh quiver dyed in a brown and green camouflage pattern, some iron knee spikes, a snake charm, some germish'din hide footwraps, some sand-scarred sandals, and a silver-hued parry stick with reinforced silken straps.


The oldest of 4 sisters, Shayddow was the only one not born in Muspar'i

She was born aboard ship when her father who was a cloth merchant from the house of Dne on Ratha, and her mother, from Sraan Irhhnth in Muspar'i, had been visiting his relatives on Ratha prior to Imaar opening up the the Trader's guild on that Island.

As the eldest, Shayddow was originally designated as heir to the family business, and was trained in the ways of a merchant, not a warrior. When the ship on which they were traveling was beset by pirates, her father was slain when he refused to give up his gold. Shayddow, strong and large for her age, drew her dagger but was quickly overpowered, and set before the mast in involuntary servitude to the pirates.

She was rescued when a band of adventurers led by Severl killed the pirates. When asked if she had any marketable talents, she demonstated a certain flair for opening treasure chests, a talent she had learned while aboard ship in order to survive. She vowed however never again to be helpless before a foe, and began to train herself not only as a locksmith, apprenticed first to Ragge and then to Kilam in Shard, but as a warrior as well. Although she was reunited with her grandfather and sisters, she did not return to Muspar'i. She did not need permission from the Gamant'hr'ku of Muspar'i to pursue her career, as it did not involve magic - under the terms that council had agreed with the family.

Shayddow became a skilled enough warrior to eventually become appointed to the position of Enforcer under Kalag the Black. Although to those outside of her ru'at, she is only known as a Draa Tai'shar, a warrior, and if asked about her guildleaders, she will refer to Agonar, T'Kiel,Anhh'shre or one of the other Barbarian leaders. When the Black retired, she was employed, again as an enforcer, by Saishla, and took citizenship in Ilithi at that time, although she still maintains a presence in the Crossing, owning a mansion in Fayl'shar Court, a wealthy neighborhood which insures her privacy.

And, although her grandfather Shvartzgonif as the eldest of the family makes the "political" decisions, it is Shayddow that controls their pursestrings, particularly as "grandpa" grows older.

Being Enforcer for Saishla in Shard though is not always a pleasant job for her. It was she who was delegated the responsibility of conducting the smozh ritual on her youngest sister when Totendanz was convicted of murdering a member of the inquisition in Shard. Not wanting to leave her sister in that condition permanently, and considered that the Inquisitor was not a true "innocent", she conducted the ritual cuts according to the Dragon Priests rite rather than the Rite of Peri'el, given the latitude from Saishla to do what she felt was "appropriate".

Under that ritual, her sister was left with the stub of a tail, which can be regrown only through Peri'el's divine intervention - as it is Peri'el who gave the S'kra people the "gifts of the tail"-- love, honor, and pride - in the first place. It is her hope that her sister will find divine redemption someday for that reason. Until then, she is forced to regard her as if she were a non-S'kra.

Her future plans involve taking revenge on any pirates she encounters, and continuing to learn locksmithing, and to use her other talents for the good of the family.


You recall that you have a stately black marble manor around Fayl'Shar Court, Almhara Arch. It is a freestanding home, with a window located in an upperclass urban area. Any race or profession can live in this home.

The home contains:

Floor: a shimmering sandstone floor.
Attached: a thick silk rug dyed a brilliant gold and patterned with a maze circling around the emblem of Muspar'i.
Home's Pet: a male ghost.
Wall: a polished ebonwood wall.
Attached: a detailed oil painting of sprawling merchant streets in a large desert city.
Misc Furniture #2: a pine nightstand.
Attached: a wooden dragon figureine
Attached: a master's pyrite lockpick
Armor Stand: a sturdy carved black oak armor stand.
Attached: some half plate.
Attached: some supple black hunting leathers set with padded spiders at the shoulders.
Attached: a chain shirt.
Weapon Rack: a copper and patina weapon rack.
Attached: a basket-hilt misericorde decorated with gold inlay.
Attached: a wildly colored light crossbow beset with a pewter shrew.
Window: a large oak-framed window.
Fire: a black steel brazier.
Door: a door.
General Storage: a driftwood sea chest etched with nautical symbols.
Attached: a master's pyrite lockpick.
Attached: a gruesome S'Kra Mur doll.
Attached: a wicked silver belt knife.
Attached: some mud-caked double leather.
Misc Furniture #1: a deep-filled sandpit with a carved wooden frame.
Chair: a glossy black silk-cushioned chair.
Chair: a glossy black silk-cushioned chair.
Scent:Grilling Steak.