Shard's Osut'vie

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Shard's Osut'vie
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67
Owner Zieq
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Alchemy shops, Herb shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Shard's Osut'vie]
Indefinable odors waft from various mortars, pots and cauldrons on tables and shelves throughout the shop. Herbs, carefully dried and cured, hang in bunches from a drying rack suspended from the ceiling. Everything the serious alchemist could possibly want or need can be found in here. A section of shelving separates a tall ironbound door from a smaller wood door on the opposite wall. You also see a long counter with a leather bound catalog on it and the alchemist Zieq.

Page 1 - Alchemical Reagents
Item Price Done
Seolarn weed - a weak catalyst 360   No
Glaysker flower - slightly stronger catalyst 541   !!
Tukai Stones - good general-purpose catalyst 225   !!
Dracon Crystals - one of the finest catalysts 270   !!
Water 9   
Oil 90   
Page 2 - Retorts, Flasks and other Alchemical Supplies
Item Price Done
Note: Items marked (s) or (g) are available in your choice of stone (s) (see page 3) or glass (g) (see page 4).
Large bowl - (g) 315   !!
Small vial - (g) 252   !!
Large vial - (g) 288   !!
Large cauldron 369   
Mortar - (s) 541   
Pestle - (s) 360   
Mixing stick 18   
Wayerd Pyramid 2,074   
Portable stove 297   
Unlonchai bucket 2,615   !!
Page 3 - Custom Stone for Mortars and Pestles
  • Obsidian
  • White marble
  • Pink marble
  • Black basalt
  • Blue marble
  • Green marble
Page 4 -Custom Glass for Vials and Bowls
  • Green glass
  • Smoked glass
  • Red crystal
  • Purple glass
  • Bubbled glass
  • Cloudy glass
  • Painted glass
  • Cobalt glass
  • Blue crystal
  • Orange glass
  • Yellow glass
  • Crazed glass
  • Etched glass

Through the iron door

[Osut'vie Stillroom]
Rows of shelves, crammed with books on alchemy, tools of the trade, and a hodgepodge of herbs and components, line the room. High on one wall, the lone window is covered over with heavy fabric, keeping the room in perpetual twilight to protect sensitive components. The herbalist Idizieq stands behind the counter, happily working on his experiments at a low table in between helping customers.

On the long counter you
Item Price Done
riolur leaf 297   
plovik leaf 86   
nemoih root 631   
nilos salve 586   
qun pollen 405   
hisan salve 541   
jadice pollen 451   No
georin salve 631   
jadice flower 586   No
genich stem 405   
junliar stem 676   
sufil sap 631   
muljin sap 676   
hulij elixir 451   
yelith root 676   
cebi root 451   
eghmok potion 676   
nuloe stem 451   
hulnik grass 586   
ojhenik potion 451   
ithor potion 676