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Name Skill Season Time Special Conditions Terrain Body Part Healed
jadice flower 20 all all badland, desert, rainforest, rural cultivated, urban cultivated external limb wounds

Recall Herb

You recall jadice flower is used to heal external limbs injuries, and is generally found in badlands, deserts, rainforests, and urban and rural cultivated areas.


There are two different parts harvested from the jadice plant: the flower and the pollen.

Jadice flower is a pale golden-yellow; its thin, star-shaped petals taper to five points. The taste is slightly sweet and the flowers crispy. The scent is very light, slightly powdery. The pollen is very fine and produces sneezing and watery eyes in some sensitive individuals on occasion.[1]

Other Notes

  • (old system) Dried and powdered it can be rubbed on specific wound locations in addition to being eaten. Doubling up the dose has no negative side effect (as long as it's eaten and rubbed).
  • The pollen is not a healing reagent any longer, however can be foraged where you find the flower. It requires around 275 ranks and can be found only in the day, year round.

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