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catalog vs. actual item question

So I've seen this on some other shops too, and will be adding in all these items (at least), but what should I do about a discrepancy between what you order and what you get? For instance, in the catalog on page 2, you order a "Wayerd Pyramid". But you receive "a bone-trimmed wayerd pyramid". In order to make it part of the variations at the bottom of the "Wayerd Pyramid" page, need the extra qualifier of 'bone-trimmed' as it's own new item. Should I go ahead and just make the new variation item but link the existing text to it? Or make a note on the existing "Wayerd Pyramid" item that this shop has the 'bone-trimmed' variation.

Zieq nods, giving a heavy sigh. "My poor cat will go hungry tonight," he complains.
Zieq hops off his stool and rummages beneath the counter, pulling out a bone-trimmed wayerd pyramid. He hands it to you.

--Kythryn 02:13, 15 July 2013 (UTC)