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A small group of fighters and social activists, mostly Elven. Little is known about this organization at the moment due to them keeping much of their work out of the public eye, but they have been heard claiming they serve the city of Leth Deriel and the people who live within its borders. Their symbol is a scarlet sana'ati leaf and can be seen worn by many of the members if you look hard enough for it. Presented here is what has been made public about the group, including some history and their motives.


Established at the end of the Outcast War, the group initially had no name at all and functioned as a collective of likeminded individuals who all worked towards the same goal: The independence of Leth Deriel and creation of a new provincial holding between Zoluren and Ilithi. Their proposed landholdings would stretch from the North at riverbanks of the Segoltha, to the South where the Gondola, from the beaches of Acenamacra in the East and over again to include the village of Ilaya Taipa to the far West. Until this goal is reached, they serve to defend the city and assist with many of the day-to-day functions in an effort to prove that they are capable of both protecting their own lands but also function without interference by other governments.

Having had dealt with the horrible mismanagement of the city and its defenses during numerous conflicts, many lifelong residents of the area had grown untrusting of the Zoluren throne and its ability to guard their fair city of Leth Deriel. Some of those residents had seen their share of struggling for the ground they called home; having lived alongside Sithsia's forest for years, hosting refugees throughout the Gorbesh War, surviving the L'Karm terrorist uprising led by Ralel, dealing with Outcast forces plowing through the city on their way South, and the threat of those lunatic Children of Kalestraum and their invisible tower. Through all this, what has Zoluren throne done to aide the city aside from continuing their stranglehold on the community and establishing puppet mayors to continue the prostrating of the city to the Throne of Zoluren.

No more.

Independence will be had!


The founder of the Scarlet Leaf was a Barbarian by the name of Noraan Fala'Gadim who was also a teacher and resident at the Izma Ru'ef University. It was there where he did his research into the various ways that the city has been abused and it's people disgraced. Using the resources available to him there, he started a new course of study for students attending his classes entitled: "The Scars of the Sana'ati". This lesson would focus directly on the bloody history of the city itself, the subjugation of the Elven residents by the Northern tyrants, the manipulation attempted by subversive forces from the South, and the constant pressure from leadership belong to various Elven Clans.

Though questioning of his motives, the administration allowed him to teach these lessons, finding that despite the negative view of the events spoken of; they were still historical events and presented factually. Albeit with some personal opinion from Noraan himself sprinkled throughout. As years passed, the class only grew in popularity due to its unsoftened view of events and the passion of the man teaching it.

Still, someone was not impressed.

Noraan met his end at the hand of an assassin who was able to get into his dormitory room late under the shadow of night, although the murderer still remains a mystery, many suspect that the killer was a hired hitman and it was a member of the Zoluren Royal Court who was to blame. Though his room was ransacked and most of his possessions destroyed, a slender tome was found hidden behind a drawer. This book contained not only Noraan's own research notes but also his lesson plan for his class and plans for future political movements which he felt might safeguard the home he loved dearly. The title of that book was, "The Scarlet Leaves of the Sacred Sana'ati" and it gave everyone a clear view of what was going on in Noraan's mind.

Following his death, dedicated students took his ideologies and pushed further, creating the organization known as the Scarlet Leaf and drawing upon his book for leadership. Those same students posthumously named him as their founder despite Noraan having no involvement in the group. His book, "The Scarlet Leaves of the Sacred Sana'ati" was edited by those members and reproduced for all of them to study. The title, however, was simply shortened to "The Scarlet Sana'ati" and it contained less of his research and more of the ideologies.

Copies of this book, wherever found, have been ordered destroyed by the Royal Government of Zoluren.

Symbols and Sigils

There are a number of symbols and identifying marks used by the membership. They shun the typical militaristic methods of official badges, elaborate logos and grand crests, instead opting for a simple embellishment of either a jewelry piece or embroidery on a garment. Only the most dedicated will have these prominently featured, most members choosing for subtle displays that are easily overlooked or subdued enough to avoid notice.

  • Cloth: "an embroidered scarlet sana'ati leaf"
  • Wood: "a sana'ati leaf coated with scarlet stain"
  • Stone: "a scarlet jade shaped into a sana'ati leaf"
  • Metal: "a sana'ati leaf in scarlet enamel"

Some of the more dedicated members still carry a copy of "The Scarlet Sana'ati" though because of intense persecution, none of these books display the title. Most are recognized by the type of cover used which may denote different editions of the texts.

  • First edition: a scarlet leather tome stamped with a sana'ati leaf
  • Second edition: a plain black book with a scarlet leaf on the spine
  • Third edition: a slim textbook with a leaf-patterned cover and scarlet pages.


No official list of members has been made known, though the Zoluren Government has given folks a brief list of facts that may help identify members:

  • All members are residents of the city of Leth Deriel either within city walls or closely located nearby to the city. This has been said to be a requirement.
  • Originating as purely Elf members, these days the group is mostly Elvish at best. Humans and Elotheans who reside in the area have also been admitted to the membership, as have a number of Kaldar.
  • Human and Elothean members will appear to be embracing Elvish culture, often seen wearing styles or symbols representative of the race and observing many Elvish traditions.
  • All members will have attended the Izma Ru'ef University as a sign of respect to the founder and may still be housed in the dorms available. This is has been said to be a requirement.
  • Many of the members have been seen to belong to the more "natural" guilds, consisting mostly of Rangers, though some Empaths have been noted as well as a number of Commoners.
  • No member will be under the age of 30 years for normal races, 90 years for those races who age slower. It has been said that only adults are allowed to join, with no exceptions made.

This is all that has been officially confirmed about the members of this organization.