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The REROLL command is primary an informational one.


Information about Rerolling Your Character

This information can also be found using the HELP REROLL and HELP REROLL 1 commands ingame.

If you are unhappy with your character and wish to reroll, you may do so by going to one of the Inns, finding the front desk, and typing CHECK IN. While Inns can be located in many cities, adventurers in the cities of Crossing and Riverhaven can receive step by step directions to nearby inns by typing DIR LIST INN or DIRECTIONS while within the city environs.

Simutronics staff can replace your character if you choose to reroll and then decide you want your old character back. In general, rerolling is seen as PERMANENT, and all items lost from it are likewise seen as irreplaceable. However, if you DO decide that you want your old character back, Simutronics offers Character Restorals for a fee. For a deposit to begin the investigation and an additional fee of to deliver the restored character to your account. This option is as easy as emailing Feedback at with their email address found under the verb EMAIL.


If you are level 0, you can choose to reroll at any time by typing CHECK IN. You can do this anywhere and do not have to be inside an Inn. Characters over level (cicle) 0 must be inside a Inn to reroll.

  • CHECK: Shows Check command options as well as a short overview of Reroll. This command can be used anywhere.
  • CHECK IN REROLL: This command will send you back to the character manager and allow you to start the game over WITHOUT choosing a new name.
  • CHECK IN RETIRE: This command will send you back to the character manager and allow you to start the game over and choose a new name.

Consequences of Reroll/Retire

When you CHECK IN [REROLL or RETIRE] you will be starting the game from scratch. You will lose the following:

  • Your features and race.
  • Marriage bonds.
  • All items on your character
  • All experience.
  • Your guild and any related guild abilities.
  • All money on your character and in any banks.
  • All items in your vault.

Reroll/Retire and Homes

CHECK IN REROLL will not affect either your Premium or SimuCoin home. Your home will remain intact through the Reroll process without needing to deed the home in advance.

CHECK IN RETIRE forfeits your home and everything inside regardless of subscription level.

Premium Subscriber Reroll Benefits

  • In addition to their homes, Premium subscribers keep all items in their vault.

All other consequences including race and features, marriage bonds, experience, items within your inventory, money on your character or in the bank and any guild or related guild abilities will be lost.

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