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Marriage Necessities

Acquired from a Cleric.


Acquired from a Wedding Shop, Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, at some festivals, or a Trader's shop in the Market Plaza.

GM Assisted Weddings

For varied costs, it is possible to purchase a GameMaster Assisted Wedding. These wedding packages come in three sizes and availability depends on the type. The names of the packages are: Prince's Wedding, Queen's Wedding, and King's Wedding. More information about them can be found on the DragonRealms Wedding Website below.
Which includes descriptions of the areas, maps of each area, current rare material list, all wedding created item guidelines, games available, and all other guidelines.

Known Marriage Customs

Bonded Verbs

Command Messaging
Bask S'Kra Mur <Person> smiles at you and steps forward slightly, tail angled in a graceful curve, and looks at you worshipfully as if basking in your very presence.
Beam <Person> beams in loving admiration at you!
Blink <Person> blinks in amazement at you. Good heavens, dear!
Bow <Person> bows ceremoniously to you, a mischievous twinkle in (his/her) eyes.
Eat <Person> nibbles you gently.
Hold <Person> clasps your hand tenderly and draws you into (his/her) arms.
Hug <Person> enfolds you in a warm embrace.
Join <Person> takes (his/her )rightful place beside you.
Kiss <Person> kisses you, letting (his/her) lips linger.
Lean <Person> leans back against you with a tender smile.
Lick <Person> grins mischievously, then leans over and licks you!
Nibble <Person> nibbles on you affectionately.
Nudge <Person> jabs an elbow into your ribs. . .somewhat gently, of course.
Punish <Person> gives you an admonishing glance. Perhaps you should stop?
Purr Prydaen <Person> places (his/her) hands on your shoulders and directs a fond, rumbling purr in your direction as he presses (his/her) forehead against your own.
Smooch <Person> smooches you all over your face, finishing with a big warm *mmmmwaaaah*!
Snuggle <Person> lovingly snuggles up to you and rests (his/her) head on your shoulder, cradling you in (his/her) arms.
Stare <Person> stares deeply into your eyes.
Tap <Person> taps you in that manner (he/she) knows will usually get your attention.
Trill S'Kra Mur and Prydaen <Person> trills softly at you with warm affection.
Wink (Female) <Person> bats her eyes at you.
Wink (Male) <Person> winks at you with a playful sparkle in his eyes.
Wave <Person> waves to you, seeming not to want to take (his/her) eyes from you.

Spousal Locate


  • When you can't locate your spouse (ie, no locate area):
You focus on your love for Spouse, but something seems to separate you.
You feel a faint warmth, as though someone reached toward you with a loving hand.
  • When you can locate them:
You focus on your love for Spouse, and see...
[Northern Trade Road, Deep Forest]
The trees rise about you like looming tombstones in a graveyard, each one draped in shawls of sickly gray lichen. The air is thick with a pressing sense of gloom, and you get the distinct impression that you are being watched.
You also see a dense copse.
Also here: Spouse.
Obvious paths: northeast, south.
You feel a sudden warmth, as though a loving hand brushed your shoulder.

A successful locate will display the room your spouse is in, as above.

GM Wedding Ring Verbs

Command Messaging
Appraise <Person> gazes at (his/her) wedding band with a tender expression.
Bless <Person> kisses (his/her) <wedding ring> with a reverent expression.
Clean <Person> removes (his/her) <wedding ring> and holds it at arms length, eyeing it carefully. With a slight frown, (he/she) polishes it until it shines as brightly as the loving expression on (his/her) face, then slips the band back on (his/her) finger.
Eat <Person> touches (his/her) <wedding ring> to (his/her) lips, obviously lost in a pleasant memory.
Exhale <Person> puffs gently to blow away some minor imperfection on (his/her) <wedding ring>.
Glare <Person> glares angrily at a <wedding ring>. Guess the honeymoon is over!
Hug <Person> clasps (his/her) <wedding ring> to (his/her) chest with a blissful expression.
Kiss <Person> looks at (his/her) <wedding ring> with a tender smile, then gives it a little kiss.
Peer <Person> studies (his/her) <wedding ring> closely for a while, then looks up with an infatuated expression.
Ponder <Person> gazes thoughtfully at (his/her) <wedding ring>, obviously lost in thoughts of (his/her) love. Noticing you watching, (he/she) looks up with a smile.
Pull <Person> tugs distractedly at (his/her) <wedding ring>, gently at first, then with growing vigor, but to no avail -- it's really stuck tight!
Raise <Person> stretches out (his/her) hand, proudly displaying (a/an) <wedding ring> which adorns (his/her) finger.
Rub <Person>'s <wedding ring> glows softly as (he/she) brushes a finger against it, a visible sign of (his/her) love and devotion.
Remove <Person> slides a <wedding ring> off (his/her) finger.
Shake <Person> adjusts a <wedding ring> on (his/her) finger, drawing attention to its lustrous finish.
Stare <Person> gazes at (his/her) wedding band with a tender expression.
Tap <Person> absent-mindedly taps (his/her) finger against (his/her) face, discreetly calling attention to a <wedding ring>.
Touch <Person> touches (his/her) <wedding ring> with a loving smile.
Trace <Person> sighs wistfully as (he/she) rubs (his/her) <wedding ring>, tracing its design with (his/her) finger.
Turn <Person> toys with a <wedding ring>, a fond smile on (his/her) face.
Wear <Person> slips a <wedding ring> on (his/her) finger. The <wedding ring> glows with a soft radiance, revealing the loving smile on (his/her) face.


GM Wedding Rings also allow a couple bonded by a kiss rose to adjust their surname as follows:

  • TURN will toggle your displayed last name between the two hyphenated versions, and your spouse's last name.
  • TAP will toggle between your last name, and whichever option you last used from Turn.

For example, if your last name is A and your spouse's last name is B:

  • TURN will toggle between A-B, B-A, and B.
    Note: Will only work if your spouse is logged into the game.
  • TAP will toggle between your selection above (of A-B, B-A, or B) and A.