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The BEFRIEND command allows you to change your demeanor toward specific people. Befriend settings override DEMEANOR settings.

Menu and Syntax

Valid demeanor options: warm, friendly, neutral, reserved, cold

  • To add a new friend: BEFRIEND {NAME} {DEMEANOR}
  • To locate a friend: BEFRIEND FIND {NAME}
  • To remove a friend: BEFRIEND CLEAR {NAME | NUMBER}
  • To remove all friends: BEFRIEND CLEAR ALL
  • To see your current friends: BEFRIEND LIST
  • The list will indicate online status. For those who are online, it may indicate their general direction from you based on the Zone Map, although certain areas, skills, and mechanics will block this.
  • E.g. the first player below is online in a zone that is both south and west of you, the second player is offline, the third player is online but warded in some way, and the fourth player is online in the same zone as you.
      1 Player1     friendly  south and west of you.
      2 Player2     reserved  could not be found in the lands.
      3 Player3     cold      somewhere in the lands
      4 Player4     warm      somewhere very close.

Standard accounts have 10 friend slots, while Premium accounts have 20.

Affected Commands

  • EAT
  • HUG
  • KISS
  • TEACH: Being COLD or RESERVED prevents students from joining your class without an invitation.
  • TOUCH: Being COLD or RESERVED prevents Empaths from touching you.

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