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Status: Dead
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Rakash
Gender: Male
Type: alterer, shopowner

This merchant has been retired. Vatari walked the Starry Road during the closing moments of Hollow Eve 432.


You see Foci Magician Vatari, a Rakash.
Vatari has a triangular face, wide-set emerald eyes and a broken nose. His deep purple hair is long and straight. He has pale skin and a slender build.
He is tall for a Rakash.
He appears to be middle-aged.
He has a thin sparse mustache on his upper lip and a thin patchy beard.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a dark gold stylus ensconced in delicate silver filigree in his right hand.
He is wearing a pink turban studded with jadeite and kyanite stones, a black canvas tote studded with spikes, a tattered linen shirt painted with a trio of interconnected gears and cogs, a bronze armband shaped like braided barbed wire, some baggy trousers dangling deep purple suspenders and some sturdy black leather boots.

Alteration Rules

Vatari can alter existing foci items, turn items into foci, or create a new one. Items with special scripts cannot be made into foci due to system limitations. A weapon with no special scripts could however be made into a focus and still retain its weapon properties.

Vatari says, "So yeah, foci. That's what I make."
Vatari says, "I don't diddle with cambrinth or anything stupid like that."
Vatari says, "Depends. If it is something that does other things, I can make it a focus item, but it won't do anything else after that."

A painted notice hung on the wall reads: ~Rules for Foci Alteration~

  1. These rules are Vatari's rules. Do not expect other alterers to heed them or allow things Vatari does.
  2. Vatari will alter the runes on your focus item to attune it to a different mana type.
  3. Vatari will not alter where the item is worn.
  4. Vatari will create new focus items from non-focus items. Adding rares to a focus is OK.
  5. Vatari ONLY works with permanent foci.
    • NOTE: All work has base charge of 100 platinum.