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Re: Your Guardian Spirit and you! · on 05/11/2016 02:22 AM CDT 1124
Date: Faeandu, 34 Dolefaren 419 (5/10/2016)

Players Present: Aulisil, Ceindrech, Dayle, Ishadi, Kaelie, Kailiana, Kelleia, Keraewyn, Kerenelle, Leucius, Mazrian, Meiline, Mistanna, Mive, Nakori, Okine, Sarkranis, Taimika, Temmel, Xynia, Zamara, Zenrya

Large crystals in the upper corners of this room shed a soft glow on the tiers of comfortable seats that look down on the ebony lectern below. A velvet curtain covers the wall behind the lectern. You also see a simple box of gifts, an ornate bloodwood cart with several things on it, a macabre alfar warrior with fierce crimson eyes and a large stone door. Also here: Dancer Dayle, Amazon Meiline, Leucius, Sensitive Nakori, Okine, Professor of Medicine Ceindrech, Battlefront Medic Keraewyn, Intolerant Kailiana, Taimika, Initiate Empath Xynia, Mentor Sarkranis, War Healer Kerenelle, Temmel, Neophyte Aulisil, Ishadi and Mentor Zamara. Obvious exits: none.

[22:00] Zamara says, "Imagine we may still have a few on the way. Will wait a few more rois."

[22:01] Zamara says, "If you would like to get your warrior out, and have one, please feel free to do so but remember to have it remain in a passive posture."

[22:02] Xynia quietly asks, "I had to leave a patient up stairs with infected wounds, will that hurt him?"

[22:02] Taimika says, "Hello all."

[22:02] Temmel exclaims, "He's a goner!"

[22:02] Zamara says, "Generally, not right away, at least."

[22:03] Xynia quietly says, "Well, the infection is dormant."

[22:03] Temmel exclaims, "He's... a delayed goner!"

[22:03] Ishadi says, "Ah, then it will be an interesting surprise."

[22:03] Ishadi says, "Always the best surprising, interesting ones."

[22:03] Zamara says, "If you have just arrived we do have gifts and refreshments available."

[22:04] Sarkranis says to Ishadi, "Nido'a."

[22:04] Ishadi says, "Nido'a."

[22:04] Taimika asks, "How is everyone tongiht?"

[22:04] Sarkranis says, "I have coffee and Zamara. I am happy."

[22:05] Kerenelle asks, "Doing well, thanks, yourself?"

[22:05] Taimika says to Kerenelle, "Spaklin thanks fer askin."

[22:05] Zamara says, "Hmm, believe this should be a good starting point."

[22:06] Zamara says, "We will begin by talking about the lore and history of the Guardian Spirits and their place within the fae, and then move to their practical applications in combat, followed by covering any questions we may have missed."

[22:06] Zamara says, "We would ask that if you choose to have your guardian present during our discussion, you have it remain in a defensive or passive posture. This lecture is not intended to be a battleground."

[22:07] Zamara says, "You are more than welcome to summon one, if you are able."

[22:07] Zamara says, "Most fae come from another plane. For those unfamiliar with planar theory - it stipulates that there are realms and worlds outside our own. Much of the magics of the Warrior Mage's and Moon Mage's guilds interact with and deal with these other planes."

[22:07] Zamara says, "They are typically unusual creatures compared to the animals of the realm and the like."

[22:08] Zamara says, "There are of course fae that dwell within our world for one reason or another. Some of these creatures serve an Immortal in some capacity."

[22:08] Zamara says, "The goddess Faenella is credited with the creation of many of the fae, and that is where they get their name from. She is best known for the creation of the dryads, sprites, nyads many of whom are helpful, though we often see the more maleficent versions of these creatures."

[22:08] Zamara says, "There are several other noteworthy types. Welkins serve the Immortal Divyaush, Gremlins serve Zachriedek, and boggles Idon."

[22:09] Zamara says, "Banshees, shades, and other shadow-fae serve Asketi. Faenrae of which there are many in Zoluren, serve Huldah."

[22:09] Zamara says, "As we can see, most of the fae that we know of serve one Immortal or another. This brings us to the Alfar, known for being one of the "good" types of fae."

[22:09] Zamara asks, "They are not known for serving any particular Immortal, but instead protect Empaths. What is this connection with these particular mortals that they would voluntarily risk themselves?"

[22:10] Zamara says, "Legends say that long before even the Imperial Healers Guild was founded, one or more Empaths did a great favor for the fae."

[22:10] Zamara says, "The details of this event have been lost to the passage of time, but whatever the favor was the alfar have felt indebted to Empaths to the point that they still honor their summons generations later."

[22:10] Zamara says, "They continue to serve as protectors and warriors on behalf of Empaths to this day. Most of the alfar are thin and willowy like many of Faenella's creations, or short and stout like a gnome, but they all still make excellent defenders."

[22:11] Zamara says, "We have a few examples here with us right now, for any who may have not seen one before."

[22:11] Zamara says, "There is a bit of variety among their appearances, though they are mostly pale with serene features, and they are quite different than those of us among the eleven races of Kermoria."

[22:12] Zamara says, "Different enough that it is currently impossible for modern Empaths to tend to or heal their warrior's wounds via their natural Empathy."

[22:12] Zamara says, "Their anatomy is quite foreign compared to our own. Most of them do not fall into the categories of either male or female by the standards of our various races. If you touch your own warrior, you will sense this."

[22:13] Ceindrech says, "Oh if I touch mine, it gets frisky and wants to dance."

[22:13] Zamara says, "As Ceindrech points out, they also vary quite a bit in personality. If you have a guardian of your own that you summon regularly you may come to find out little quirks of theirs that differ from others."

[22:14] Zamara says, "They have also, on occasion, spoken out about strange events. That is not a common occurance. If your guardian is speaking to you, you should probably listen."

[22:15] Zamara says, "They often have a different perception than ours. They sense dangers we might not."

[22:16] Zamara says, "Now, as to their role in combat. Most of you likely know that when an Empath summons a warrior to defend them, the strength of the warrior is proportional to the Empath's skill with targeted magic and the amount of mana fueling the summoning spell."

[22:16] Zamara says, "There are a few theories as to why the summoning spell functions that way. It is quite likely that the strength of the warrior when separated from the Empath would be something different entirely."

[22:16] Zamara says, "Seeing alfar without an Empaths is a fairly rare occurance in our time."

[22:17] Zamara says, "That is to say, an Empath's summoning ability may not determine their strength in so much as how much of that strength they manifest when summoned from whatever realm they reside in when not assisting an Empath."

[22:17] Sarkranis says to Zamara, "Personally, I think strength attracts strength."

[22:17] Zamara says, "Another popular theory is that the matrix of the spell causes a symbiotic relationship between the skills of the alfar warrior and their Empath charge. Or that the alfar may even be making a conscious effort to maintain this equal relationship."

[22:18] Sarkranis says to Zamara, "A strong warrior will not serve a weak Empath."

[22:18] Nakori mutters something into the air about weak.

[22:18] Zamara says, "Precisely. There are several schools of though on the subject."

[22:18] Zamara says, "None of the leading scholars on the spell within the guild have proven that one way or another, and the warriors themselves have not commented on it. You can believe whatever theory you like on that."

[22:19] Zamara says, "Having the an alfar warrior assist you in combat will teach you a bit about the targeted magic skill, since you are maintaining the summoning spell. At higher tiers of skill, you may notice the warrior brings better and heavier armor with them when being summoned."

[22:19] Zamara says, "R'lyeh here for example, the macabre warrior, is wearing heavy plate."

[22:19] Ceindrech says, "On occasion mine will use a thrown weapon."

[22:20] Zamara says, "An alfar warrior can be given several commands once summoned by the Empath. If you ever forget what these are, you can command them to give you some HELP and they will explain them to you."

[22:20] Zamara says, "The most commonly used commands are to direct how the warrior fights, as they trust your judgment. You can command their STANCE to be BALANCED, OFFENSE, or DEFENSE."

[22:21] Zamara says, "You can also direct the warrior's protective behavior. When you summon one, they will be in a PASSIVE behavior pattern. This means they will not attack nor defend you."

[22:21] Zamara says, "That is ideal typically in a social setting such as this."

[22:21] Zamara says, "You can direct the warrior to move to a DEFENSIVE pattern, where it will attack only those enemies which engage you or the warrior."

[22:22] Zamara says, "Or the AGGRESSIVE behavior pattern, where the warrior will attack anything it determines to be threatening. This mostly accounts for creatures and their ilk, but will cause one warrior to take issue with another."

[22:22] Nakori meekly says something in Prydaenese.

[22:22] Nakori meekly says, "I don't think anyone else understood me... oops..."

[22:22] Zamara says, "As Nakori mentioned, for everyone else... Be careful about directing your guardian to behave this way when in populated areas like towns or during invasions."

[22:23] Leucius says, "I pretended to."

[22:23] Temmel says, "Quesiton."

[22:23] Temmel says, "Question, too."

[22:23] Temmel asks, "So does this mean two empaths can't or won't fight with guardians in the same area?"

[22:23] Xynia quietly says, "Quesitons first."

[22:23] Zamara says, "They can, there are several ways to direct your warrior."

[22:24] Ceindrech says, "You can, I generally have mine stanced balanced and behaving defensive."

[22:24] Zamara says, "They tend to prefer to engage targets which engage them first, so if you are hunting in the field - them fighting one another even while AGGRESSIVE is not usually a problem."

[22:24] Temmel says, "Amending my question - two empaths with aggressively directed guardians."

[22:24] Zamara says, "However, you can always play it safe and use DEFENSIVE."

[22:25] Zamara says, "They tend to prefer foes on which advance on them, or their Empath charge, even while aggressive."

[22:25] Zamara says, "Two Empaths would usually only come into problems in the field if they ran out of foes."

[22:25] Zamara says to Aulisil, "Yes. They will attack Empaths if directed to do so."

[22:25] Sarkranis says, "I don't think I've ever had a problem hunting with another Empath when we have both summoned warriors."

[22:26] Zamara says, "They protect their charge only - all others, even other alfar and other Empaths are valid foes in the right conditions."

[22:26] Ishadi says, "That is useful."

[22:26] Nakori mutters something into the air about some empaths deserve it.

[22:27] Zamara asks, "Bear in mind the local guards of most towns are keen enough to understand that those killed at the end of an alfar warrior's sword have done so at the will of their Empath, and you may face criminal charges in some cases. Not that many of you will have a problem with that, yes?"

[22:27] Zamara says, "In the event any of you suddenly have the mind to go murdering your fellow guildmates."


[22:27] Zamara says to Temmel, "At least lure Temmel outside of town, first."

[22:27] Temmel says to Zamara, "I have it on good authority that he'd fall for that."

[22:28] Zamara says, "You can always command the warrior to STOP if it begins to fight something it should not, or if you decide to take mercy on a foe. Releasing the spell will also work, if necessary."

[22:28] Zamara says, "So in the event you are hunting with a guildmate, and run into a problem, those are both options."

[22:29] Zamara says, "When hunting to train your abilities in general we recommended you use the OFFENSE and AGGRESSIVE tactics simultaneously, as this encourages the warrior to both attack and engage enemies quickly, and to use its special attack."

[22:29] Ceindrech asks, "But if my husband is with me, with it attack him when no foes are left?"

[22:29] Ceindrech says, "That's one of his nightmares by the way."

[22:30] Ceindrech says, "Dying by my warrior's hand."

[22:30] Zamara says, "No. Not unless he either attacks you or your warrior."

[22:30] Ceindrech says, "Ah yes, if he attacks it first. Good point."

[22:30] Nakori meekly says, "I let my warrior babysit my daughter... I am more worried for the poor warrior."

[22:30] Leucius says, "Tell him to make sure not to accidentily advance it."

[22:30] Mive says to himself, "Note to self, don't attack any funny-looking Gnomes."

[22:30] Leucius says, "That goes poorly."

[22:30] Leucius says, "Erm I hear."

[22:31] Zamara says, "The biggest problem is when spell casters or barbarians use abilities directed at multiple creatures."

[22:31] Zamara says, "If they happen to hit the warrior, even once, they are not very forgiving while in a DEFENSIVE or AGGRESSIVE stance."

[22:31] Ceindrech says, "See now my husband has used his frost whatever and thunder clap and it hasn't affected my warrior."

[22:31] Zamara says, "Again, you can command them to STOP at any time, so they understand your husband should not be attacked if you tell them so."

[22:32] Ceindrech says, "Alright, good deal."

[22:32] Zamara says, "A large part of it is how your partner targets their spells."

[22:32] Ishadi says, "Though, I suppose if you need to get rid of your husband, forgetting how to stop the alfar would likely hold up in court."

[22:32] Zamara says, "If they never hit the warrior to begin with, you avoid a lot of issues."

[22:33] Temmel says, "I like this blame-the-moron-who-hit-our-guardian strategy."

[22:33] Temmel says, "I think I'll use it."

[22:33] Ceindrech says, "I'd had people that have never seen one get edgy thinking it's an invasion critter."

[22:33] Zamara says, "For those who might not have seen it, their special attack involves a throwing star weapon and may stun their target. It also assists with learning targeted magic faster, having them both offensive and aggressively inclined."

[22:33] Ceindrech says, "Thank goodness I released it, or it could have gone very wrong very quick."

[22:34] Zamara says, "R'lyeh here currently hunts Dragon Priest Intercessors, so there have been a few, unfortunate, events for those thinking they should attack them."

[22:35] Sarkranis exclaims to Zamara, "Though sometimes, I question their sense of timing!"

[22:35] Zamara says, "Warriors can be directed to TAUNT foes off their Empath charge. If commanded just to taunt, they will attempt to lure everything off their Empath."

[22:35] Nakori meekly says, "Oooo..."

[22:35] Zamara says, "This is helpful if you need to heal yourself, or are feeling particularly outnumbered."

[22:36] Ceindrech says, "Oh it's such a valuable thing, especially if I'm fighting the undead. They like innocence A LOT. Taunting is better."

[22:36] Zamara says, "They can also be directed to TAUNT individual foes, if you so choose."

[22:36] Zamara says, "Yes, they are very valuable while hunting the undead for that sort of thing."

[22:37] Zamara says, "As an Empath working with a warrior partner, you can give it a mundane bladed weapon to assist it if you choose. This is particularly useful when hunting ghost-like, non-corporeal undead as you can give the warrior a blessed blade."

[22:37] Zamara says, "The weapons we have here as a gift should be suitable to that end."

[22:37] Kerenelle says, "Although I've heard that you should never give them a blade you don't want to lose."

[22:37] Ceindrech says, "I make nice bone carved weapons that are blessed for that purpose."

[22:37] Sarkranis says, "And they are also good for parrying."

[22:38] Zamara says, "Yes, it can be risky to do so, as your warrior can be desummoned and leave the weapon behind if you are traveling, among other things."

[22:38] Zamara says, "Personally recommend using steel forged weapons for something like that, nothing high end or expensive."

[22:39] Zamara says, "The unusual blades the alfar have of their own are quite good, so this step is not really needed."

[22:39] Mive says, "Excuse me."

[22:39] Zamara says, "However, it can be a boon while hunting undead and in some situations, so keep in mind the option is available to you both."

[22:40] Zamara says, "The spells Refresh and Vigor are helpful to cast on the warrior if you know them. Most other spells beneficial spells do not work on them however, so you would not be able to cast Manifest Force on one for example."

[22:40] Nakori meekly asks, "What is the best way to cast spells on a warrior, when they already take so much attunement to keep around?"

[22:40] Sarkranis says to Zamara, "The blades the warriors bring are more for slicing, are they not? It could be useful to give them a thrusting blade depending on the foe."

[22:40] Nakori meekly asks, "I am thinking, charge your cambrinth first...?"

[22:41] Sarkranis says to Nakori, "Using cambrinth will help you reduce attunement cost."

[22:41] Ceindrech says, "I learned the dedicated cambrinth use feat for cyclic spells."

[22:41] Zamara says, "If you know how to control the mana use of your cambrinth, that makes it much easier to do."

[22:42] Zamara says, "The dedicated cambrinth feat lets you determine if the mana is to be used only for your next spell cast, for example, leaving the power of maintaining your warrior from other sources."

[22:43] Zamara says, "Many guildmates learn the raw channeling feat as well. For those unfamiliar, it allows cyclic spells such as Guardian Spirit to be powered directly from your attunement."

[22:43] Kerenelle says, "Deep Attunement also helps quite a bit."

[22:43] Zamara says, "You do not need to harness mana or utilize cambrinth to maintain it. It is also helpful for regenerate."

[22:44] Taimika says, "I am sorry to say I must be going this was very informative. my thanks Zamara."

[22:44] Taimika says, "Night all."

[22:44] Zamara says, "Do not forget your gift, if you did not already grab one."

[22:44] Sarkranis says, "The Efficient Channeling feat will also reduce the burden on your attunement when using cyclic spells like Guardian Spirit and Regenerate."

[22:45] Zamara says, "Yes, as you have the energy to spend on that kind of training it is worth looking into if you enjoy either of those spells."

[22:45] Temmel says, "I think we may need a lesson on the nuances of attunement versus cambrinth usage for casting spells."

[22:45] Sarkranis says, "I personally find all of the attunement-related feats to be worthwhile investments."

[22:45] Kerenelle says, "I do as well."

[22:45] Temmel says, "I naively treat cambrinth as mana storage."

[22:46] Temmel says, "When I know it's... more than that."

[22:46] Temmel says, "But don't really know how, or how to properly leverage it."

[22:46] Zamara says, "Have a few more comments here on the guardians, but then would be able to go over that more in depth."

[22:47] Ceindrech asks, "Can you go over how we can custom cast a warrior and make it our friend?"

[22:47] Zamara says to Aulisil, "It typically takes us more than a week to schedule an official mentor lecture."

[22:47] Zamara says to Aulisil, "Paperwork."

[22:47] Zamara says, "Back on the topic of combat, you can also aid the warrior by using offensive spells strategically. Lethargy and Paralysis targeted at the warrior's current opponent will help the alfar take it down faster."

[22:48] Zamara says, "You can always ASSESS your combat situation and see how your warrior is faring, and who they are facing, as well as your own opponents."

[22:49] Zamara says, "An interesting note, Nissa worked with and had and alfar guardian of her own. The modern Nissa's Binding spell of her namesake when cast and directed at either the AREA or CREATURES will not hit the casting Empath's own warrior. This is a very useful way to both aid the warrior and protect yourself at once."

[22:49] Zamara says, "Again, if you are hunting with a guildmate, their warrior will not be immune to such casts."

[22:49] Zamara says, "Only your own."

[22:50] Zamara says, "If you cast any hostile spells or make any unfriendly attacks on your guardian, not that you would, they will become distressed and leave you, ending the spell."

[22:51] Zamara says, "That about covers all the key points. Does anyone have any questions? If you have a question you are uncomfortable asking in front of the group, you may whisper it."

[22:52] Ceindrech asks, "Can you go over how we can custom cast a warrior and make it our friend?"

[22:52] Zamara says to Aulisil, "A fully shocked Empath cannot summon a guardian. Other than that, no. They always honor the summon again, eventually."

[22:53] Zamara says, "After preparing the summoning spell, if you direct the CAST for your CUSTOM warrior, you will always get the same guardian."

[22:53] Ceindrech says, "I'm not sure I understand."

[22:53] Zamara says, "How they pick or choose us is not entirely clear, but they do form a bond of sorts."

[22:53] Ceindrech says, "Oh I see."

[22:53] Okine says to Zamara, "Forgive the interruption, but I must be going. Thank you for the kind lesson and hospitality."

[22:54] Zamara says, "Thank you for attending."

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