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Nakori Dozypaws
Status Active
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Zenrya, Almiwey, Zhirrisk, Natipohaka, Moonshine

You see Sensitive Nakori Dozypaws, Teacher of the Kin, a Prydaen.

Nakori has a triangular face, crossed cat-slitted crystal green eyes and a narrow nose. Her white mane is shoulder length and fine, and is worn tied back in a thin braided tail. She has creamy white fur, a slender tail and a svelte figure.

She is tiny for a Prydaen.

She appears to be a moth-stalker.

She is wearing a pair of oversized spectacles with turquoise frames, a white scarf, a snow-white mistsilk kimono peppered with tiny pawprints, a snug doeskin bandeau, an ivory oath band displaying a large sunset-orange Eu's promise crystal, a lacy black tail garter, a short leather hunting skirt beaded with muted black onyx and some creamy spidersilk stockings.


  • Shifting! Pretty much everything, but not as fast as the more expensive and experienced empaths. Prices are negotiable. Will do tail tufts for good meat or for looking cute.
  • Healing! Basic rule is, don't be someone who doesn't deserve healing.

Nakori Facts

  • Is very sensitive. Do not touch. No means no!
  • Is often known as Sticky Fingers for her inexplicable fondness for honey, and the rubbing of honey on things, such as herself.
  • Requires 5 cups of coffee to maintain the energy of a normal person.
  • Prefers ham over bacon, but rats over ham. (Does not like Theren's Best Ham. It is the Worst Ham.)
  • Professor of Weasels and Stoats, accredited by the Lorethew Society of Small Mammals.
  • Can see roughly three inches ahead of her nose without her spectacles.
  • Once mapped out all of "RoWviNiLs HoWUs Uv fUN" using some velvet cake and frying grease for ink.
  • Does not understand how to play Siegery.
  • Remains convinced that by tasting every kind of rock there is, she will find the rock that tastes better than salt.
  • Was once banned from the Riverhaven-Langenfirth barges for a year, for lifting and throwing an entire table after losing at gambling ten times in a row.
  • Does not know her own birthday, and so picked the first day of spring as her new one.

Favourite Things

  • a sleeping weasel pin
  • a slender silver txistu tipped with a white onyx weasel-shaped mouthpiece
  • a snow-white mistsilk kimono peppered with tiny pawprints
  • a short leather hunting skirt freckled with pouncing weasels
  • Zenrya, and the rest of her family


  • Husband: Zenrya Dozypaws

(Vows affirmed in the 1st month of Akroeg the Ram in the year of the Silver Unicorn, 413.)
(Vows accidentally re-affirmed in the 7th month of Moliko the Balance in the year of the Amber Phoenix, 416.)

  • Daughter: Natipohaka "Strawberry" Dozypaws

(Born on the 26th day of the 10th month of Nissa the Maiden in the year of the Amber Phoenix, 416 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.) (Day 386)

  • Son: Moonshine "Marshmallow" Dozypaws

(Born on the 15th day of the 8th month of Skullcleaver the Dwarven Axe in the year of the Silver Unicorn, 420 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.) (Day 295)

  • Wife: Almiwey Dozypaws
  • Husband: Zhirrisk Dozypaws
  • Ferrets: Sneaky Bean (m), Paintpaws (m), and Coffee Bean (toy)


Nakori was raised by godless heathens in the forests and plains of northern Therengia. A pride of Prydaen split off from the rest of Eastern society and having abandoned their own ways, they were little better than the gypsies that plague the roadways of Ker'Leor. There was a nearby pack of Rakash who had more or less followed the same path of sequestering themselves away in the forests, although Nakori cannot say much else about them. Every four full Katambas, the two groups would mingle together in celebration--at any other time they were strictly forbidden to interact.

Nakori's full name is Nakohu-Koribaha-Hrupori--literally translated as Scavenger-Song-Treasure, though her mother may have been going for something more along the lines of "Finder of Treasured Songs". Who knows with Prydaens.

Born with bad eyesight, she was unable to hunt to fend for herself. When her mother died, she was forced to find ways to prove her worth to the pride, by dancing for the hunters for their food scraps, and doing menial tasks, such as fletching arrows and washing loin cloths in the river.

Her best friend, Liskery, was in the same situation as her, along with an infirm older Prydaen named Belette. Liskery hatched a plan to escape the pride and strike out on a new life with Nakori, but they were betrayed by Belette and given chase by the pride's warriors. Abandoning the road, they slipped into the western woods, where they knew the warriors would not go. And then they found out why.

The pair were attacked by dark spirits, and Liskery fled once again, leaving Nakori behind. The death spirits did not kill her. She lay battered, beaten, bruised, and bleeding for several anlaen, until Liskery came back. And then left her again, after seeing what remained of her face.

Nakori crawled blindly through the darkness for what felt to her like several days. Eventually, she was taken in by a group of strangers with soft, furless hands, who spoke in a language she could not recognise. They promptly sacrificed her to Dergati.

The next thing she knew, she was whole again--wholer than before, actually--and the first thing she saw was a one-eyed, white-scaled S'Kra mur woman scraping the remains of Liskery off the altar. The S'Kra took her to Crossing, got her dressed in proper clothes (briefly), taught her the ways of the black bean, and ended up becoming her best friend in the whole wide world. It was totally Whiteburn by the way.

Nakori wandered around the streets, completely lost and upset for several andu, until she saw empaths healing themselves. That, she told herself, was what I want. So she strutted up to Salvur, babbled at him in Prydaenese until he got someone to stab her, then healed the stab wound to prove some kind of point which was completely lost to her, and then she was an Empath--along with a lot of days of training and studying, of course.

Life was still not all that great for Nakori. Haunted by nightmares and without any friends or even anyone to share her language with, she had resolved to slink back north and return to living in the forests alone--blind as she was--when who should come along but Zenrya! In the middle of trying to heal the abdomen of a man who was completely out of his wits and dripping with fleshrot, Zenrya flirted with Nakori, and then the man's guts went FWOOMP like naphtha tossed on a bonfire. Both Prydaen women decided that was enough of that, and went to get drinks. Zenrya taught Nakori how to say 'cider' in Common. Nakori didn't care for the drink much.

A little less than a year later, they got married! And had adventures! And revelations about themselves! Zenrya conquered his alcohol addiction, while Nakori indulged in her newfound gambling addiction! And made friends! And gave the stink-eye to people who weren't so friendly!

Now they happily live in Crofton Close, in Crossing, with their ferret, Sneaky Bean. Nakori splits her time up between their homes, also taking care of their daughter, Natipohaka, in Silverclaw Hub, with their other ferret, Paintpaws.

In the autumn of 423, Nakori placed second in the Glaes Spatula Cooking Competition 423, with her special dish: a butter rat stuffed with ham, slathered with honey, and fried in barbecue sauce, with a side of baconbits-topped butter.