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Tuesday Tidings - 64 - Ghouls · on 05/11/2021 20:21 1856
Happy Tuesday, folks!

This week, the Zaulfung got a little more menacing. A new area of the mire has been revealed, south of the standing stones, just look for...the swampy mire! Something long forgotten has been buried here, though, and for some unknown reason, those forgotten things have started to surface. Beware the forager ghouls of the region!

Forager ghouls are a very very old unreleased (1995 until now!) creature that got a facelift and level bump from their original version. They are level 130 with a -3 to +3, so they'll show up as 127-133. There are variants with different gear. They have 3 special abilities:

  1. They can infest you with a random blood worm / leech. TEND directly, remove, or seek empathic help.
  2. They aren't your average creaking, shambling undead. These guys are pretty agile and animated. They have the Barbarian warstomp ability.
  3. They can afflict you with a slow. This is something we haven't experiment with in DR before, but while afflicted, any roundtime you get will be bumped up by an additional 2 seconds (it has its own messaging to indicate when an adjustment happens).

These ghouls help fill a gap on the undead ladder (hello Empaths!) between zephyrs and telga orek, and they raise P2 (Therengia)'s highest critter above Haros's 115ish bronze leucros from last year. They also are the intro creature to more planned future expansions here in this swampy area. These may not be at the top of the ladder, but there's more coming in future updates!

Big thanks to Ulerith for looking over the area tweaks and to Javac for a speedy check of the creature. These ghouls are a little different; good luck with them!

(for the team!)

This message was originally posted in Discussions with DragonRealms Staff and Players / Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-ZADRAES on the forums.