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Teleologic Sorcery is a branch of magic that manipulates fate and related concepts, such as luck and probability. It is a sorcerous mixture of Lunar mana and either Holy or Elemental mana. Holy is used in spells that amplify fate while Elemental is used in spells that undermine or destroy fate. Moon Mages can permanently memorize Teleologic spells.


From Armifer:
Compared to the perverse theatrics of Necromancy and the blunt violence of other Sorcery books, Teleologic Sorcery may seem tame in comparison: it deals with abstract concepts and mystical forces far removed from the bone-shattering and blood-spilling of its cousins. However, it'd be entirely wrong to think of Teleologic Sorcery as "nice." Instead of breaking bodies, it attempts to break the universe.

Underpinning the practice of Teleologic Sorcery is a warped teleological argument. Teleologic sorcerers propose that all things and all natural laws follow a directive principle, which they identify as the Web of Fate. Taking this extreme fatalism a step further, they also propose that if what is written in destiny and what happens in the physical world ever diverges -- if something ever violates its fated purpose -- it is reality that will twist and warp to accommodate fate, not the other way around.

Thus, the endgame that teleologic sorcerers imagine is a path to physical mastery. While normal Prediction may be said to influence fate, Teleologic Sorcery works to manipulate it in artificial and unmistakable ways. In so doing, the sorcerers claim their magic shatters the natural order, be it of a single individual or the entire universe, and forces it to adjust to their desires.

Whether or not this is true is up for debate. Sorcerers are, if anything, known for having vivid imaginations and frightening levels of megalomania. Even if the high end implications are delusions (or real, but outside mortal hands), the ability to manipulate an individual's fate in a not-reality-shattering fashion is still a potent and frightening tool.

Teleologic Sorcery as viewed internally by the guild

"The Moon Mage Guild is not a nice organization, and the last time anyone of authority spoke of it the message can be summarized as "we don't care if you do it, as long as you do it discretely."

You could make cases for and against within the mindset of any sect. But broadly speaking the Progeny would probably be the most lenient about it and the Nomads the most uniformly against. The Monks, G'nar Pethians and Fateweavers all have significant divisions within their ideologies that make it impossible to really say they're one way or the other. The Celestians and Heritage Keepers are near-hegemonic within the guild and have no special variation on the topic.

There's no sect that is universally for or universally against, and the guild itself won't self-police unless an individual makes such a public nuisance of themself that it becomes politically expedient for the guild to throw them under a cart." [1]


  • Use of Teleologic Sorcery results in Teleologic Corruption which is a temporary state the reduces your connection to the Plane of Probability
  • Only one Teleologic Sorcery spell can be in effect at one time. You can use PERCEIVE TELEO to see if you have an active Teleologic Sorcery spell.
You reach out with your senses and see pulsating streams of cold, white Lunar mana available to serve as the foundation for Teleologic Sorcery.
Traces of prior sorcery still cling to your essence though even these should fade within 30 minutes.
Roundtime: 2 sec.
  • The amount of mana available for a Teleologic Sorcery is half holy or elemental (depending on the spell) and half lunar blend (Perception and Psychic Projection). Yavash is therefore the strongest factor followed by Xibar and then Katamba.
  • The mana level displayed in the PERCEIVE is not very practical, since it only displays the Lunar mana component because Moon Mages are not able to sense the Elemental or Holy component.

Teleologic Sorcery Research

The following messages are seen during teleologic sorcery research. The goal of the research is to learn Teleologic Sorcery spells. The process takes several days.

Plane of Probability [PLANE]

You bring yourself to the verge of a prophetic trance, somewhat hybridizing your awareness. It is a murky and impractical state, but sufficient for your purposes.

You continue to study the Plane of Probability.


You have a fresh recognition of how your astrology taps into the Plane of Probability, though you are still far from perfectly measuring such unreality. Thoughts about side topics and new applications stir in your head.

Web of Fate [WEB]

You start delving into the celestial forces that weave the Web of Fate, inwardly questioning many of the old astrological axioms.

The vagaries of moons and stars continue to prick your mind, sundry half-visions cast from the firmament, mostly uninterpretable.


Despite the lack of firm evidence, you have intuited a new approach to the heavenly bodies, their pressure upon probability, and the resilience of those forces.

Metaphysics of Name, Meaning, and Mind [METAPHYSICS]

You begin to consider the grittier implications of an existence defined by shadow and starlight.

You continue to dwell on extraplanar symbologies.


You have made some valuable inferences concerning the exploitation of planar metaphysics, just nothing momentous in particular.

Living Concepts [CONCEPTS]

Reaching through your probabilistic connection, you take some time to locate a zenzic -- a lesser concept of mathematics -- and catch it between pincers of sheer will. You introduce several arbitrary notions of Abiding into the singular mind of the creature, then watch as its vital functions flounder.

You continue to figuratively vivisect a zenzic deprived of manifestation, laying it bare.


Having observed conceptual life in its home plane and on your own terms, you are one step closer to mastering destiny, no longer merely a seer.

Emanations of Luck and Prophecy [LUCK]

You follow the imbricated patterning of fate with a critical eye, attempting to analyze its workings as you would a spell. It is made difficult, however, by the hallucinatory meanings that arise at every turn.

You continue to study the various mechanisms of fate.


Amidst the psychotic intricacies of the patterns you were lost in is a sense of telos, the vital clue you needed to anchor your work.

Fate [FATE]

Feeling ready to surmount any of the philosophical conundrums that stymie prophecies, you set yourself to the task of bridging your meticulously researched, extreme fatalism to the permutations of Lunar magic.

You continue to probe at the foibles of the Web of Fate where it may be unhinged by force.


You have achieved the crucial frame of mind that is sure to endow you with control over fate itself, in the end.

Teleologic Sorcery [TELEOLOGIC]

You begin to push your astrology to the edge in radical ways you were never taught by a guildleader.

Your mind aches with anticipation as you continue to study Teleologic Sorcery and its tenets.


As your emotions come to a boil, you feel that you have achieved a sound grasp of the teleologic principle. The magic you seek deals with controlling the Web of Fate in order to effect profound change through the planes. You are prepared to advance theory into a genuine spell, but some misgivings linger nonetheless.

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