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Hylomorphic Sorcery is the corruption of cosmologic Form. Hylomorphic Sorcery will be a broader concept than just Blackfire and so will absorb the Blackfire Sorcery Spellbook. Warrior Mages will be able to permanently memorize Hylomorphic Sorcery spells.

It is likely that participation in Hylomorphic Sorcery will be frowned upon by the Grovekeepers and may possibly result in physical repercussions. [1] However, it is not currently known how they discover who is practicing sorcery within the ranks.

Like other elements, environmental variables influence certain spells ('perceive element all'). Hylomorphic spells are influence by how "industrial" the area is. Metal domain alignment causes Hylomorphic corruption to decay faster.

High Sorcery Research

The following contains the research of Warrior Mages taking part in high sorcery research to discover Hylomorphic sorcery. There are SPOILERS within this text that extend beyond the high sorcery research; some dedicated warrior mages will already be familiar with what is being called "the new element".

(6/21/17) I will intentionally leave out any specific process for conducting the research as to not ruin the fun for folks still figuring it out.

Elemental Planes [PLANES]:

  • Inwardly, you make an exercise of tracing the elements nearby back to their quintessences. Doing this for all six of them is grueling work, yet worthwhile.
  • You continue to study each of the Elemental Planes in turn.
  • Breakthrough! You have a fresh recognition of how your summoning taps into the Elemental Planes, though you are still far from perfectly measuring such unrealities. Thoughts about side topics and new applications stir in your head.

Laws of Physical Reality [PHYSICAL]:

  • In very slight ways, you tamper with the elemental balance in the vicinity, looking for oddities that cannot be accounted for by natural elementalism.
  • You continue to test the limits of physical law.
  • Breakthrough! Having closely observed the influence of extraplanar physics on local elements, you gain a better understanding of what makes Elanthia tick.

Metaphysics of Shape, Function, and Body [METAPHYSICS]:

  • You begin to consider the grittier implications of an existence defined by a singular element.
  • You continue to dwell on the elemental quintessences, so pure as to whittle every concept down to absolute singlemindedness.
  • Breakthrough! You have made some valuable inferences concerning the exploitation of planar metaphysics, just nothing momentous in particular.

Para-Elemental Synergy [SYNERGY]:

  • You start by scrutinizing the small-scale, normally negligible instances where the elements sometimes transition from one to another, or at least appear to. Magnified, these anomalies might be the precursor to elemental compounds undreamt of.
  • You continue to experiment with probable para-elements.
  • Breakthrough! The properties and behaviors that define each element are naturally inviolate, in parallel with its respective plane, seemingly decreed by Firulf himself. When you mix in foreign mana, however, the elements become ever so slightly protean.

New Elements [ELEMENT]:

  • With the six elements well within your ken, you begin aggressively pursuing the potentiality of a seventh, perhaps many more.
  • Wildly pushing your magic into arbitrary dimensions, you continue to look for evidence of undiscovered elements.
  • Breakthrough! Even as your hopes of definitively discovering a new element are dashed, part of your research proves not to be altogether footless. There are clues in the interstices between elements, tantalizing all the same.

Elemental Plane of Metal [METAL]:

  • Paying no heed to the sureties of tradition, you let yourself drift into an asymmetric summoning ritual. Something unlike any elemental quintessence, drawn to existence by sheer passion, bubbles up in the planar void. Your senses are barraged with what you can only perceive as metallic.
  • You continue trying to summon the elusive, immaterial metal so rich in promise.
  • Breakthrough! You are still uncertain whether your find is a true element more rarefied than aether, or an elemental mirage caused by overstrain, or something inbetween. It is there and, you believe, now yours to harness.

Hylomorphic Sorcery [HYLOMORPHIC]:

  • You begin to push your summoning to the edge in radical ways you were never taught by a guildleader.
  • Your head aches with anticipation as you continue to study Hylomorphic Sorcery and its tenets.
  • Breakthrough! As your emotions come to a boil, you feel that you have achieved a sound grasp of the hylomorphic principle. The magic you seek deals with an abstract metal with the power to bind or unbind other elements, redefining what is possible. You are prepared to advance theory into a genuine spell, but some misgivings linger nonetheless.

Applied Hylomorphism: Aethrolysis [AETHROLYSIS]:

  • Eager to put your craft to use, you start to research Applied Hylomorphism: Aethrolysis. You contemplate what you already know of this particular expression of Hylomorphic Sorcery.
Elementalist scholars know that everything in the Plane of Abiding contains a modicum of aether; therefore, in theory, so must any visitors if they are to exist here. Hylomorphic sorcerers go beyond that theory and many others: remove enough of the visitor's aether, and it is suddenly naked amidst a hostile reality. A Holy-mana blend, the Aethrolysis spell conjures a compound of electricity and water that laughs at the rules of either, harmful to creatures of extraplanar origin." Upon successful completion of this research project, you are going to learn the Aethrolysis spell at the cost of 1 slots. If it is not what you want, you should RESEARCH CANCEL.]
  • You continue to blindly adjust the slivers of Lunar and Holy mana against the Elemental pattern you are composing.
  • Breakthrough! At last, all the pieces of your bold experiment fall into place. The mana mixture blends as stably as can be expected, the pattern precarious but functional. You have successfully translated your theoretical knowledge of Hylomorphic Sorcery into a practical purpose. You have taught yourself the Aethrolysis spell!


Blackfire employs a type of all-consuming fire from which all color has been drained. It is a mixture of Elemental and Holy mana. Blackfire was discovered by the Blackfire Cabal, who found that removing all color from fire produced a characteristic black flame that consumed rather than burned. Blackfire is extremely powerful and destructive, and as a sorcery, its use is forbidden by the Warrior Mage guild and provincial authorities.

It is not currently planned for Warrior Mages to be able to permanently memorize Blackfire spells.


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