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Tentative Empath Magic 3.0 Spell List · on 2/7/2011 11:19:02 PM 287
In the spirit of advanced notice, and because we want some player feedback on something this large, we are now posting the Empath tentative spell list for Magic 3.0!

 A couple rules for the discussion:

 #1) Constructive criticism. I'm going to ask the Mods to be a bit harsher than usual on posts that are just 'this sucks!' without offering any sort of positive feedback. If you think something is bad, it's fine to say so, just try to politely explain reasoning.

 #2) Don't yell at each other.

 #3) Slot cost is not part of this discussion, but spells no longer have to be created equal. Therefore not all of the spells on this list cost the same amount of slots to learn. We're not going to be answering questions about it, but if a spell seems to have less (or more) effects, it may cost less (or more) spell slots.

 #4) If an effect is on a spell, it will be at capped strength for your guild. What this means is that if the skill or stat it boosts is considered to be in your 'sphere of influence' it will produce a maximized boost. If it is not it will produce a somewhat smaller boost.

 #5) Stacking boosts of the same type is strictly disallowed. If you have for example an evasion booster, then said evasion booster is as powerful as the guild is allowed to get and you won't be allowed to have a second evasion booster somewhere else.

 #6) Prerequisites are not listed, but they won't be the same. We haven't even begun to look at that yet.

Okay, I think that's enough advance rules, let's get on with the list.

Opening notes: I will list spells as Introductory, Basic, Advanced, and Esoteric. These are in order of difficulty to cast, but their power levels are not expressly different. What one is, is simply based on what the spell does. Niftier effects go to the harder side, whereas simple skill buffs tend towards the easier side.

I will also list spells as Augmentation, Debilitation, Targeted, Warding, or Utility. This is the new Magic skill it will use along with PM. If you're confused by this or the above, you may want to go find previous GM posts on Magic 3.0 because I don't want to type it all again.

Here we go...


Vitality Healing:
Basic Utility. Heals own vitality.

Heal Wounds:
Introductory Utility. Heals own wounds.

Heal Scars:
Basic Utility. Heals own scars.

Advanced Utility. Heals own injuries, smart-healing capability

Cyclic Esoteric. Heals all injuries on caster slowly.

Fountain of Creation:
Esoteric Utility. Heals all injuries on caster immediately, as well as poison and disease. Drains fatigue and vitality, but at high cast should basically guarantee complete heal. Has recast time.

==Body Purification==

Blood Staunching:
Basic Utility. Stops the effects of bleeding on self.

Flush Poisons:
Advanced Utility. Removes the effects of poison on self.

Cure Disease:
Advanced Utility. Removes the effects of disease on self.

**NEW SPELL** Adaptive Curing:
Metaspell. Allows Flush Poison and Cure Disease to be cast before onset and subsequently trigger.

==Life Force Manipulation==

Introductory Augmentation. Improves Fatigue regeneration of one person.

Raise Power:
Advanced Augmentation. Improves Life mana of area.

Gift of Life:
Basic Augmentation. Empathy and Stamina boost.

Aesandry Darlaeth:
Cyclic Esoteric Augmentation. Reflex boost, Balance pulsing boost, possible status recovery on pulses. (Stun, Immobilize, Unconscious)

Candidate for Removal

Basic TM. Will remain the same.

Basic Debilitation. Agility debuff, Fatigue degeneration.

Advanced Augmentation. Buffs agility and strength.

==Mental Preparation==

Heart Link:
Advanced Utility. Stops bleeding/disease/poison from pulsing on target, acts like vigil for vitality.

Nissa's Binding:
Advanced Debilitation. Area effect unconscious.

Note: Need for heart link will be removed, and the benefits currently attached to NB will live on in heart link. Heart link will no longer be beneficial to the Empath, however.

Advanced Warding / Augmentation. SvS-barrier, +discipline. Potential very minor Empathy-related flavor.

Advanced Warding / Utility. Removes stun/sleep on other. Reduces duration on self.

Note: The spell firing on the Empath will no longer remove the spell. This will also be a "battle spell."

Aggressive Stance:
Basic Augmentation. Brawling, Evasion boost.

**NEW SPELL** Mental Focus:
Basic Augmentation. Improves concentration regeneration of one person. Intelligence boost.


**NEW SPELL** Iron Constitution:
Basic Warding. General Damage resistance (similar to calcified hide). No longer group castable. This replaces sphere of protection.

Basic Utility. Prevents general engagement, forces engaged enemies to disengage.

Note: This will have a new mechanism that will actually, really, prevent an Empath from being engaged by non-undead creatures so long as the Empath does not take any aggressive actions.

**NEW SPELL** Compel:
Advanced Debilitation. Makes players or creatures leave the room the Empath is in, and prevents them from returning via some means for a while. This will be most effective on creatures, but will still have some utility versus players.

Last, but not least...

Guardian Spirit:

We went back and forth on this one for a long time, ultimately coming up with three schemes. I decided to poll you guys to see which one appeals the most to most Empaths. This doesn't mean we'll just put it to a vote and pick the most popular choice, but I definitely didn't want to make a call on this one without determining how the guild tends to lean concerning this spell.

As you may have know, if you have been following the Empath forums, the avenger will be changing to a purely TM based model. This means that you will have to train your TM to see corresponding gains in your avenger. Charisma, circle, and Empathy skill won't come into play here. All fighting "summons" will have to rely on TM, across the board, so this isn't a change that's being applied purely to Empaths, either.


1) Esoteric utility. Offenses will be capped at a little under two thirds of the Empath's TM skill. Defensively, it will be capped at a bit better than the Empath's TM skill. The GS will be able to "taunt" enemies -- to keep them from attacking the Empath and force them to attack the GS instead. This will work better than the current "guard" mechanism does now.

2) Esoteric utility. No offensive capability at all. So this one will not attack. It will defend, and have defenses capped at somewhat better than the Empath's TM skill (so better than option 1). The GS will be able to "taunt" enemies -- to keep them from attacking the Empath and force them to attack the GS instead. This will work better than the current "guard" mechanism does now. In addition, it will also be able to disable or stun an attacker and have one other moderate measure to save the Empath from harm.

3) Cyclic utility spell. It will be basically a combination of 1 & 2. Defensively, it would have skills somewhat better than the Empath's TM skill. However, its cyclic nature means that it will be expensive to maintain, and you won't be able to use any other cyclic spells while this one is going.


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