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Scales for Appraising Creatures · on 01/12/2021 18:43 1122
Below are the scales used when appraising creatures.

The scales have not changed. The verbal descriptions have not changed. What has changed is that you can now see a ± next to the verbal descriptions if you enable the appraisal toggle. For details on the new toggle, see:

In some cases, the same verbal description is used for more than one numerical value. Rather than artificially condense the ± scale, we decided to let you see some of the additional granularity.

For vitality, spirit health, and fatigue, it may be possible to see value of 11/10. This indicates that the creature is buffed beyond 100%.
# Vitality Spirit Health Fatigue
11 incredibly healthy incredibly healthy invigorated
10 healthy healthy [no messaging]
9 slightly battered slightly battered slightly fatigued
8 slightly battered slightly battered slightly fatigued
7 battered battered somewhat fatigued
6 beat up beat up somewhat fatigued
5 very beat up very beat up tired
4 extremely beat up extremely beat up tired
3 in bad shape in bad shape very tired
2 in very bad shape in very bad shape very tired
1 in extremely bad shape in extremely bad shape extremely tired
0 at death's door without life exhausted
0 dead beyond life

# Spirit Size
1 a normal
2 a large
3 a great
4 a mighty
5 a tremendous
6 an incredible

All five attributes -- strength, agility, discipline, reflex, and stamina -- use the same scale. For simplicity, only the strength descriptors are shown in the table. The descriptors for the other stats are agile, disciplined, quick to react, and conditioned, respectively.

As a reminder, each appraisal typically represents a range of values. Seeing that a creature is +1 level in strength over you does not mean it has 1 more point in strength than you have; rather, it just represents the next tier of messaging.

# Attribute
-10 not nearly as strong as
-9 far weaker than
-8 a great deal weaker than
-7 significantly weaker than
-6 quite a bit weaker than
-5 definitely weaker than
-4 rather weaker than
-3 somewhat weaker than
-2 not quite as strong as
-1 about as strong as
0 about as strong as
+1 about as strong as
+2 apparently as strong as
+3 a little stronger than
+4 a little stronger than
+5 somewhat stronger than
+6 somewhat stronger than
+7 rather stronger than
+8 rather stronger than
+9 definitely stronger than
+10 definitely stronger than
+11 quite a bit stronger than
+12 quite a bit stronger than
+13 significantly stronger than
+14 significantly stronger than
+15 a great deal stronger than
+16 a great deal stronger than
+17 far stronger than
+18 far stronger than
+19 far, far stronger than
+20 far, far, far stronger than
+21 incomprehensibly stronger than

Relative offensive and defensive difficulty use the same scale. 0 represents something that is evenly matched. (Yes, the scale is asymmetric, with more negative values than positive values; adding positive values to balance it out was beyond the scope of this release.)

# Relative Difficulty
-11 a very easy opponent
-10 well beneath your abilities
-9 a simple opponent
-8 an easy opponent
-7 a relatively easy opponent
-6 definitely less skilled
-5 a less skilled opponent
-4 a slightly less skilled opponent
-3 a worthy opponent
-2 a solid opponent
-1 a challenging opponent
0 a difficult opponent
+1 a rather difficult opponent
+2 a quite difficult opponent
+3 a very difficult opponent
+4 a truly skilled opponent
+5 an extremely skillful opponent
+6 something that'd kill you quickly
+7 something that could tear you to shreds

While all eight training evaluations -- held weapons, thrown weapons, parry, evasion, shield, tactics, TM, and debilitation -- use the same scale, the "very well" and "exceptionally well" messaging for offensive abilities has caveats representing the low likelihood of success.

# Training Potential
1 quite badly
2 very poorly
3 somewhat poorly
4 acceptably
5 rather well
6 very well
7 exceptionally well

GM Cordulia

This message was originally posted in Lore / Appraisal Skill, by DR-CORDULIA on the forums.