Northern Watch Brigade

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The Northern Watch Brigade

"Deeds Above Words."
The Northern Watch is a light infantry brigade commissioned as a part of the Royal Infantry of Therengia, under His Lordship, Baron Gyfford Theren. While serving the whole of Therengia, The Northern Watch maintains its base in Therenborough. The brigade has recently been reactivated under the command of Ternith Sjomah by order of the Baron on December 18, 2015.

Originally founded under the guidance of the honorable Sir Madigan, the Northern Watch has progressed over the years to become the mobile, self-supported infantry brigade it is today. Contributing to its fabled history are former commanders Marsais, Jerid, Jayrbee, Frodes, and Lyathe. The brigade is comprised of The Royal Vanguard Combat Group and The Royal Medical Corps.


Membership in the Northern Watch requires an unparalleled devotion to your land, its people, and your comrades. Its members exhibit devout loyalty, placing the safety of their land before their own.

Our training efforts will be focused on developing a strong intel unit, battlefield triage unit, as well as multiple hostile response and containment squads. This is our passion and motivation as well as what we as a brigade will strive to offer His Grace and the Therengian Citizens.

We are actively seeking those that call Therengia home and or have a passion to server and protect the Baron and the citizens. This brigade is not for everyone, but for those that share in this passion and are willing to be part of a tight knit group, train hard, and challenge not only yourself but others...the Northern Watch might be what you've been seeking.

You may seek more details on the events team or other positions by sending a thought directly to Ternith. Necromancers and those that foment discord or actively seek to subvert Baron Gyfford and/or Therengia need not apply.


The Royal Vanguard

The fighting elite, this unit excels at all forms of combat. Frequent training activities (including hunts and strategy games) are coordinated with Support and allow the Northern Watch Combat unit to be ready for any situation.

The Royal Medical Corps

Made up of healers, priests and other support guilds, this unit is responsible for the health and well-being of the entire brigade as well as others fighting alongside the Watch.