Nardel's Dwelling

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Nardel's Dwelling
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Blackthorn Canyon
Map Ranik's Map 68a
Owner Doritee
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Herb shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Nardel's Dwelling]
Cooking smells and a low hum of activity fill the large single room. A bench-lined table and hearth dominate the eastern wall opposite an ironwood cupboard and tall stacks of woven grass baskets filled with drying herbs. In the back, several children sit on a ring of pelts stripping yew branches, while others gather near a window for a lesson taught by an older boy with a drawing slate. You also see Doritee and a sagging wooden stair.

A Few Simple Herbs
Item Price Done
>ask doritee about herbs
Doritee chuckles to herself in amusement and says, "Well, I've plenty if you're in need, dear." The old woman opens the doors of her ironwood cupboard. A parchment tacked to the inside of the door reads:
1 - Nemoih Root 700   
2 - Georin Salve 700   
3 - Jadice Flower 650   
4 - Plovik Leaf 650   
5 - Nilos Salve 650   
6 - Hulnik Grass 650   
7 - Sufil Sap 700   
8 - Cebi Root 500   
9 - Eghmok Potion 750   
10 - Riolur Leaf 800   
11 - Yelith Root 750   
12 - Ithor Potion 750   
13 - Muljin Sap 750   
14 - Blocil Berries 750   
15 - Hisan Salve 600   
[order <item number> from Doritee]
Doritee gives a discount to those who have completed the Emerald Knight quest chain.
On the table
Item Price Done
a kettle of fenberry tea 0   !!