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LTB (Long Term Benefit) Alterations is a type of alteration available to Premium players via a scroll system.


Within the Squat Bungalow and Oak Hut of Fang Cove there is a table of scrolls used by Premium merchants for the Long Term Benefits program for recording service requests.


You hold the object you want to alter in your left hand, then GET scrolls and then WRITE out your request. Please be sure to review alteration guidelines which can be found under PREMIUM 9, PREMIUM 11 as well as on the website ( ).

The merchant will look over your request and approve it, reject it or suggest an alternative. You will have an opportunity to approve suggested alternatives from the merchant before the work is completed.

Common Questions

Q. How long should I wait before nudging a scroll?
A. Wait at least a week since your last contact.
Q. Can I get a scroll now, and then use once after I'm no longer Premium?
A. Yes.
Q. What kind of items can I use it on?
A. Almost any item that you can hold in your hand (sorry, no furniture or tattoos), that is not cambrinth.

Excluded Items

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