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Planetary gems are somewhat opaque gems that are structurally similar to quartz and change color in response to the planets, seasons, moons and some other factors, depending on which gem it is. This change is produces an atmospheric message.

So far they have only been available from one of Uwresari's shops at Hollow Eve, or via auction.


These cannot be used through LTB alterations, nor can they be integrated into any item that already has a script attached.

Variation List

Gem Celestial Body Rarity
elanthite Elanthia 1
yavasite Yavash 2
xibarite Xibar 2
katambite Katamba 2
verenite Verena 3
estrildite Estrilda 3
durgauldite Durgaulda 3
yoakenite Yoakena 3
penhetite Penhetia 3
szeldite Szeldia 3
merewaldite Merewalda 3
ismenite Ismenia 3
morleenite Morleena 3
amlothite Amlothi 3
dawgolite Dawgolesh 3
er'qutrite Er'qutra 3
grazhite Grazhir 4


See each individual gem link above for items containing a planetary gem as a component.

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