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Items in the Feature Modifier category are worn items that can alter your characters features.

  • Similar in nature to Feature Hiders, these items tend to modify or enhance a characters features instead of obscuring them.
  • And, while also similar in nature to Makeup, these tend to be permanent items instead of temporary enhancements.
  • In some cases, such as the magical masks from Sable's, all of your original features will be hidden and a new, enhanced LOOK will be applied to your character.
  • While not included in this list, there are also an extensive variety haircombs, hairpins and similar hair-worn items that will modify your hair style to be much more elaborate than the system basics.

Alteration rules for Feature Modifiers.

Q - Can they be altered?
A - Yes, they can be altered, but only the TAP usually shows up in features, and sometimes (depending on the setup) only the SHORT. Alterers likely will not change that setting in a session.
Q - Can they be altered via LTB scroll?
A - Yes, but probably not "location" change.
Q - Are there any special rules (character limits, etc)?
A - No limits other than the normal. Because these can be pushed into the features and pulled out, the TAP should never mention anything about the features, it should only be the item.
Q - Is their script stackable with any other scripts (like hiders, etc)?
A - Not stackable, but should work with beard jewelry script as well, so you can wear both.

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