Gaze command

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GAZE <character|creature|item|direction>
GAZE MY <feet|foot|fingers|hands|nose|arm|leg|tail>
GAZE AT <character> [IN] <type>

Type can be mournful, happy, sadly, grim, worship, dreamy, thought, timid, hope, sympathetic, silent, defiantly, awe, wonder, admiration, amazement, longingly and fondly.

Gazing at Locations

Command Messaging
Gaze <Person> gazes off into the distance.
Gaze <direction <Person> gazes off to the <direction>.
Gaze <person> <Person> gazes at you.
Gaze My Feet/Foot <Person> checks his footing.
Gaze My Fingers <Person> gazes at (his/her) fingernails. (S'Kra Mur/Prydaen/Moonskin Rakash) <Person> gazes at (his/her) claws.
Gaze My Hands <Person> gazes down at (his/her) hands.
Gaze My Nose <Person> wrinkles up (his/her) nose and crosses (his/her) eyes to look down at it.
Gaze My Arm <Person> gazes down at (his/her) arm.
Gaze My Leg <Person> gazes down at (his/her) leg.
Gaze My Tail <Person> gazes down at (his/her) tail.

Gazing with Emotions

Command Messaging
Gaze <Person> Happy <Person> gazes happily at you.
Gaze <Person> Mournful <Person> gazes at you with a mournful expression on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Person> Sad <Person> gazes sadly at you.
Gaze <Person> Grim <Person> gazes at you with a grim look on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Person> Worship <Person> gazes at you with a worshipful look on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Person> Dreamy <Person> gazes at you with a dreamy look on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Person> Thoughtful <Person> gazes thoughtfully at you.
Gaze <Person> Timid <Person> gazes timidly at you.
Gaze <Person> Hopeful <Person> gazes hopefully at you.
Gaze <Person> Sympathetic <Person> gazes at you with a sympathetic look on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Person> Silent <Person> gazes silently at you.
Gaze <Person> Defiant <Person> gazes at you in defiance!
Gaze <Person> Wonder <Person> gazes at you in wonder.
Gaze <Person> Awe <Person> gazes at you in awe.
Gaze <Person> Admiration <Person> gazes at you in admiration.
Gaze <Person> Amazement <Person> gazes at you in amazement.
Gaze <Person> Longing <Person> gazes longingly at you.
Gaze <Person> Fondly <Person> gazes fondly at you.

Self gazes/Expression

Command Messaging
Gaze <Self> Happy <Person> gets a happy expression on (his/her) face!
Gaze <Self> Mournful <Person> gets a mournful expression on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Self> Sad <Person> gets a sad expression on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Self> Grim <Person> gets a grim expression on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Self> Worship <Person> gets a worshipful look on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Self> Dreamy <Person> gets a dreamy expression on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Self> Thoughtful <Person> gets a thoughtful expression on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Self> Timid <Person> gets a timid expression on (his/her) face
Gaze <Self> Hopeful <Person> gets a hopeful expression on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Self> Sympathetic <Person> gets a sympathetic look on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Self> Silent <Person> gets a quiet, peaceful look on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Self> Defiant <Person> gets a defiant expression on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Self> Wonder An expression of wonder flickers over <Person>'s face.
Gaze <Self> Awe <Person> gets an expression of awe on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Self> Admiration <Person> gets a look of admiration on (his/her) face.
Gaze <Self> Amazement A look of amazement crosses <Person>'s face.
Gaze <Self> Longing A look of longing crosses <Person>'s face.
Gaze <Self> Fondly A look of fondness crosses <Person>'s face.