Item:Suede shirt with the image of a panther branded on it

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suede shirt with the image of a panther branded on it
Look: You see nothing unusual.
Weight: Unknown
Appraised Cost: 3,125 Kronars
2,500 Lirums
2,255 Dokoras
3.125 LTBpoints
3.125 Tickets
3.125 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is worn in the shirt (with armor) slot.
  • This item has more than normal or unusual verbs.
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Source is Treasure map
  • STUDY: Looking closely at your suede shirt, you believe that you can at least CLEAN, EAT, GAZE, LEAN, NOD, NUDGE, POKE, PULL, PUSH, RAISE, REMOVE, SLAP, STUDY, TAP, THUMP, TURN, and WEAR them. You also think that with skill you might be able to KISS, HUG, SMOOCH, STARE, YANK, KICK, PUNCH, THROW, ROLL, and GLARE.
  • CLEAN:: You casually beat the dust of battle from your suede shirt.
  • EAT: You start to gnaw on your suede shirt.
  • GAZE: You raise your arms defensively, gazing about for threats.
  • LEAN: You roll your shoulders, stretching and adjusting the fit of your suede shirt.
  • NOD: You position your fists to either side of your chin, elbows out and ready to strike.
  • NUDGE: You check your position, adjusting your arms as you peer between your fists.
  • POKE: You duck your shoulder and switch your lead arm.
  • PULL: You move your head to the side, as if slipping an attack.
  • PUSH: You raise your hands in front of you, ready for a fight.
  • RAISE: You twist to the left, arms ready.
  • REMOVE: You deftly loosen the fasteners of your suede shirt and shrug out of it.
  • SLAP: You move your arms into position to strike.
  • TAP: You drum your fingers on your arm.
  • THUMP: You stare down at your suede shirt.
  • TURN: You twist to the right, arms ready.
  • WEAR: You pull on your suede shirt, pushing your arms through the sleeves and deftly securing them for combat.
  • KISS: You strike the air in front of you with a quick jab.
  • HUG: You quickly twist your torso and send your lead elbow crashing through the air in front of your face. You stare straight ahead and survey the damage dealt.
  • SMOOCH: Tucking your head slightly, you follow a quick jab with a hard cross-body punch to the jaw of an imaginary foe. You step forward, following, ready to deal more damage.
  • STARE:
  • YANK:
  • KICK:
  • PUNCH:
  • THROW:
  • ROLL:
  • GLARE: