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The THUMP command is used to remove the speech ability of other characters at least 20 circles below you. The greater the difference in circle, the longer speech is removed.

THUMPing another character gives them consent, but is considered a no-GM situation.


You see: You thump yourself on the head. Doh!
Others see: <Player> thumps her/himself on the head. Doh!

THUMP <player within 20 circles>
You see: You contemplate thumping <Player> over the head and then realize it may not be a wise thing to do.
Target sees: Nothing.

THUMP <player 20 circles below>
You see: With the speed of a striking snake, you thump <Player> in the neck with the edge of your flattened palm striking her/him in the vocal cords. <Player> clutches her/his throat, wheezing pathetically.
Target sees: With the speed of a striking snake, <Player> catches you in the throat with the edge of her flattened palm, knocking the air out of you and sending your vocal cords into shock!
Removes targeted player's ability for speak for a short time. This action gives consent to the targeted player.

THUMP <player> TEST
To see if you can THUMP another character without actually doing so.

THUMP <player> WARN
You see: You raise your hand to thump <Player> but stop in an obvious act of self-control.
Target sees: <Player> raises her/his hand to thump you but then stops in an obvious act of self-control.

THUMP <item>
You see: You thump <item> with the back of your hand.
Target sees: <Player> thumps <item> with the back of her/his hand.

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THUMP is not limited for use "only" in dealing with OOC or disruptive behavior. If someone wants to THUMP someone and they have the ability to do so, for whatever reason (Attacking them, stealing from them, kicking them, looking at them funny, etc.), then they're perfectly within their right to do so. Period.

THUMP is considered an RP tool and can be used as a "peaceful" alternative to simply lopping off someone's head because that was your only recourse.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ANYONE with any type of warning automatically loses their ability to THUMP for 6 months. Also, if you get a NEW warning, your "No Thumping " counter resets to 6 months. In other words, if you've had a spotty past (or are having a spotty "present") and want to be able to use this ability again, you'll just need to show us that you are willing to earn it back.

Players under 5th level who are THUMPed by players of a sufficiently higher level will drop whatever is in their hands, adding another tool to the arsenal of the players to prevent some types of graverobbing problems by throwaway characters.

Finally, since sometimes little snerts grow up and become BIG snerts, players of sufficient level are allowed/able to THUMP ANY players 20 levels below them.

Please do not ASSIST or REPORT to complain about being THUMPED, or to ask why you can't THUMP.

Comments or complaints should be posted to the message boards and questions about loss of THUMP ability should be directed to


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