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Name Skill Season Time Special Conditions Terrain Body Part Healed
cebi root 275 all all steppe skin scars

Recall Herb

You recall cebi root is used to heal external scars, and is generally found in steppes.
(2014 note: recall should be updated to match the current Remedies healing properties of this herb)


Cebi root is a dark brown root; it is long and thin, with several irregularly terminating forks. The taste is extremely sour and bitter, the smell basically like dirt.[1]

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Other Notes

  • (new system) Preparation method for use in Remedies is drying.
  • (old system) Cebi root no longer heals all scars. Dioica sap has that function now.
  • EAT: Perhaps once crafted into a remedy that will be safe to eat.


ItemSource isRare item
Black spidersilk robe intricately embroidered with an assortment of flowering plantsJust Desserts (1)
Brushed silver cloak pin inset with a twisted crystal cebi rootCacophony of Silver and Glass (1)Cacophony of Silver and Glass (2)Cacophony of Silver and Glass (4)
Cross-legged K'miriel doll with outstretched handsPuffindor's Professional Pieces (1)Puffindor's Professional Pieces (2)Puffindor's Professional Pieces (3)true
Embossed leather physician's book clasped with an amber cebi rootJakuv's All-Trades Outlet (1)Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet (2)
Fine satin pouch embroidered with open hands holding healing herbsHide and Seektrue
Gnarled topaz cebi root with cambrinth budsEmmiline's Cottage
Soft yellow spidersilk cloak artistically embroidered with a basket of various herbsGuildly Pleasurestrue


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