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Name Skill Season Time Special Conditions Terrain Body Part Healed
blocil berries 120 spring, summer, fall all freshwater wetland, urban cultivated, rural cultivated external limb scars

Recall Herb

You recall blocil berries is used to heal internal back injuries, and is generally found in freshwater wetlands or urban and rural cultivated areas.
(2014 note: recall should be updated to match the current Remedies healing properties of this herb)


Blocil berries are tiny purple-black berries found on low growing shrubs, usually in fields with decent sun. They are filled with seeds, giving them a grainy texture, and have a nightshade-like taste.[1]

Common Locations

Cultivated areas are better than wetlands.






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Other Notes

  • EAT: Perhaps once crafted into a remedy that will be safe to eat.

Prepared for use in remedies by drying in a Wayerd Pyramid.


ItemSource isRare item
Array of enameled blocil berries nestled in velvet leavesTildi's Flowers (1)Tildi's Flowers (4)Tildi's Flowers (6)
Golden mail belt with dangling gold flowersLinkforge Grotto (1)Linkforge Grotto (2)true
Leather cloak shadow-tooled with garlands of healing herbsWeelegend's Wagontrue
Spray of tiny white blocil flowers made from silkTildi's FlowersTildi's Flowers (1)Tildi's Flowers (4)Tildi's Flowers (6)true


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