Ale 'n Axe

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Ale 'n Axe
Province Therengia
Town Hvaral
Map Ranik's Map 45
# of Rooms 8
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Lirums

As of 2020, the tavern area is not open.

[Ale 'n Axe, Commons Room]
Polished cherrywood columns supported at the base by short, stone pillars befits the dual-minded architecture that designed both the inn and the rest of the town. Deeply-stained mahogany floors display a myriad of scuffs and nicks, despite the overall view that the owner takes great care with the establishment's appearance. Pinewood benches rest against the walls, leaving most of the commons room open for improvised sleeping quarters when the inn's private rooms are full, or simply too costly.
You also see a pair of mahogany doors and a sealed sandstone arch covered with thick planks of wood.
Obvious exits: north.

Partially obscuring the tavern from view, heavy oak planks hang securely in place over the reddish sandstone archway.  Through a small opening between the boards you can see what can only be called a disaster area.  Heavy blast marks char the floor and walls, while the bulk of the furniture lays scattered about in burned and shattered pieces.  A sign above the arch does little to explain the cause, though it does give a small bit of hope to those with parched throats that it won't be this way forever.

[Ale 'n Axe, Main Hall]
The hallway is lit by tall candles sitting in ornate brass sconces placed at even intervals along the red oak walls. A hand-carved white oak sideboard holds a mahogany statue resting upon a lace doily.
You also see an oak door, a stairwell and a mahogany door.
Obvious exits: south.

[Ale 'n Axe, Oak Room]
A massive carved red-oak bed frame fills the better part of the room, hidden beneath a thick burgundy comforter and a cream-colored chenille throw that has been folded neatly across the foot of a soft, down-filled mattress. Plush cushions of soft pastels and dark earth-tones cover a hard wood seat built into the base of a large bay window, while a washbowl of polished cherry wood rests atop an ornate red-oak stand beside a plush cotton towel.
You also see an oak door.
Obvious exits: none.

[Ale 'n Axe, Mahogany Room]
The deep red of the heartwood walls is set off by a multitude of hand-woven tapestries in varying shades of cream and green. An embroidered ivory bedspread covers a simple inlaid mahogany bed while two sham-covered goose down pillows are placed against the dark-stained headboard. Raspberry-filled vines are hand painted on the basin of the ceramic bowl that rests in a polished wooden washstand, while a fluffy cotton towel hangs from its side rail.
You also see an mahogany door.
Obvious exits: none.

[Ale 'n Axe, Lower Hall]
Heavy, dark-stained wood panels line the walls and ceiling, framed by greyish-black marble flooring that runs the length of the hall. Despite the harsh, gloomy atmosphere, the air lilts with the loamy scent of soil and the fragrant aroma of mushrooms. Flickering candles do little to chase away the dancing shadows partially obscuring the cellar steps at the end of the somber corridor.
You also see a granite door, a sandstone door and a stairwell.
Obvious exits: none.

[Ale 'n Axe, Sandstone Room]
Rough sandstone panels cover the walls, framing the polished red alder wood of the floor and ceiling. Smooth sculpted stone curves gently from its base to form the head and footboards of the bed frame, covered with thick woolen blankets folded over the ends of a bulky, down-filled mattress. Resting near the edge of the bed sits a short table of quarried rock topped with a moss agate washbowl and a single plush cotton towel.
You also see an sandstone door.
Obvious exits: none.

[Ale 'n Axe, Granite Room]
Cold, grey-stone columns comprise the framework of the room, supported by thick planks of yellow birch and chestnut. More for functionality than beauty, a chiseled granite bed frame supports an over-stuffed mattress of down feathers, and thick woolen blankets lay folded across the top of a wood-braced footboard. A side table of unpolished marble decorated with a sculpted amethyst washbowl and a plush cotton towel represents the only other piece of furniture within the sparse confines of the room.
You also see an granite door.
Obvious exits: none.

[Ale 'n Axe, Cellar]
Dank and musty, the cellar is obviously one place the proprietors of the inn never send the maid. Old boxes, soggy from the moisture in the air and long since forgotten, have spilled their contents, and a large cask in the corner sits in a pool of sour fluid that appears to have been leaking for some time. Despite the smell of dust mixed with a myriad of other aromas, the heavy scent of citrus and wood oil still manages to mask most of the more unpleasant fragrances.
You also see some cellar steps.
Obvious exits: none.