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First Email

Centuries ago, the Elothean Houses of the Marching Lotus and the Black Fang were wiped out in the Elven-Human War. While the scant Marching Lotus survivors were subsequently assimilated into other Houses, Black Fang was written off as obliterated. Contrary to the published history, a handful of remaining Black Fang warriors were surreptitiously ‘recruited’ into the ranks of the Melyo Rensh'a, leader of the fabled House of the All-Seeing Eye and clandestine fourth counselor to the Ferdahl.

Unfortunately, this integration soured over time, and political tensions within the ranks of the Melyo Rensh'a hit a divisive tipping point when a steadfast adherence to secrecy contributed to the murder of Ferdahl Kukalakai and the occupation of Shard by the Outcast army. An embittered traitor finally emerged, and the Melyo Rensh'a was assassinated by one of his own five generals, Ilva the Shrike of Dergati, who then launched a coup to revive the vengeful and warmongering House of the Black Fang from which she descended.

Supplementing her numbers with vicious lowlifes culled from Undershard, Ilva has established a growing encampment east of Shard in Boleausun Bayou, while the outnumbered Melyo Rensh'a loyalists have fallen back to their last defensible point, a hidden flying garden known as Ashala'taman, and begun earnestly recruiting the help of brave adventurers.

Will the Melyo Rensh'a loyalists triumph this time?

If so, who will rise to become the new Melyo Rensh'a, and how will the publicity of these events affect the formerly clandestine nature of the office?

Will the murderess Ilva finally be brought to justice?

Or will the Black Fang defectors prevail, re-adding their fallen House to Ilithi and its political landscape?

Join your fellow adventurers as the story unfolds, beginning January 18th!

Second Email

Join the effort to quell the Black Fang coup!

~ January 18th until January 27th ~

Soar to mystical heights in the gardens of Ashala'taman!

Plunge headlong into dark and dangerous depths of Boleausun Bayou!


With origins shrouded in secrecy, the Elothean watchtower known as Ashala'taman soars unseen over eastern Ilithi. From this lofty perch, a clandestine war is being waged on the Black Fang defectors who threaten the order of the Ferdahl's demesne!

Join the fight, and plunge into the dark depths of Boleausun Bayou, where adventure, danger, and riches abound! Sharpen your swords and your wits as the battle rages from January 18th until January 27th!

Are you up to the task?

Help the keepers of Ashala'tam collect colorful supplies from the maze-like gardens, then head down into the bayou where a variety of missions await the brave of heart. Collect enemy intel, disarm traps, recover supplies, and more, but don't forget to watch out for the morgawr!

What can you do with the merits you earn?


You could own your very own legacy weapon! There will be a limited number available.




  • Winged boots
  • High-capacity waist-worn cambrinth
  • Resplendent Rings of Glory
  • Unique titles!
  • Item hiders!

.... AND MORE!

Get your summons and join the effort to quell the Black Fang coup!