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There are fifteen Elothean Houses:

Joining a House

There is a grand list on the top floor of the Houses Consulate near the tower of Greenwalls in Shard. Head up to the top floor, and look for a room with a clerk in it. The scroll is hanging on the wall. LOOK or READ it, to find out the choices. Then WHISPER SCROLL with the number of your choice.


  • See Elothean House Crests for the associated heraldry.
  • There are currently eleven houses live/accessible in game that Elothean characters can align themselves with. These are:
Silver Star, Verdant Lily, Steel Dove, Silk Strings, Floating Reed, Rowan Branch, Grey Storm, Ivory Scroll, Gilded Longleaf, Waxen Moons, and Gentle Lion.
  • Houses that are not currently live include: All-Seeing Eye and Glittering Diadem.
  • Black Fang and Marching Lotus are listed as "dead" houses. They are not now and likely will never be accessible in game.
  • The following houses have physical house locations in game that players can visit: