Haven Revolutionary Army

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Caution.png Note that the following article is not necessarily accurate due to this group's status as a player-run organization. Because these types of articles are maintained by players about players, there is always the risk of alteration due to malice or desire for anonymity. This page will be monitored by the staff; please do not allow it to become a battleground. -The Elanthipedia Moderators

The Haven Revolutionary Army, or HRA, is a group of players who question the governmental structure within the city of Riverhaven and aim to overthrow it. While both the leadership and membership of this group cannot be confirmed, it is known that members identify themselves by wearing a red scarf. The HRA are also known for the campaign against Prydaens, who they believe are the cause of the financial mismanagement and deterioration of Therengia.


  • Overthrowing Mayor Bressail and establishing a new government in Riverhaven.
  • Forced removal of Prydaens from Riverhaven to outlying areas or labor camps.
  • Disbandment of the Haven guard.

Recent activity

  • The HRA has claimed to exercise "marshal law" in the small outpost of El'Bain's, located within the province of Therengia. HRA members have stated their goal is to hold democratic elections to elect a monarch of a new province they have dubbed "Elbainia". If elected, the new monarch would be given the task of creating a constitutional monarchy within Elbainia. El'Bain's is currently under the rule of the Barony, a fact that the HRA dispute because of the lack of guardsmen and army within El'Bain's. The Baron himself has yet to acknowledge HRA's claims of Elbainian autonomy in any way.


  • The HRA have a reputation of being a violent and racist group who spread lies in order to upset Prydaens. There are also claims that their only goal is to cause grief to other players.
  • The HRA have been accused of conspiring to support one of their own purported members (Mvorn Flips) in the El'Bain's elections and giving him an unfair advantage.
  • Lord Ereic, leader of House Weyato, appeared at El'Bain's during the height of the election controversy to assert that the HRA's efforts were illegitimate and that the surrounding land was his territory as a vassal of Baron Gyfford. The HRA seemed to have accepted this, and have made no further effort to claim El-Bain's or hold dubiously valid "elections" for the governance of Therengian territory.


  • Although many of these names cannot be confirmed, it has been reported that Afura, Ahnoui, Annieka, Caelumia, Korsik, Luceano, Mvorn and Urwin are all are members of the HRA and wear a red scarf in support of it.