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His Life

The early life of Luceano Delacroix is covered in a blanket of obscurity. Some say he was one of many children born from the illicit relationships of a psychopathic traveling gypsy. Others argue that he was the pampered, but ill-conceived son of blue-blooded nobility, reared in secret due to inter-familial disputes. Another story has it that Luceano was the sole survivor of a cannibalistic Prydaen cult, rescued from the very jaws of a furred devil by wandering monks. Still another claims Luceano was not born of a woman, but descended bodily from the heavens, in all of his glory, to bring salvation to mankind. Which of these stories is true, if any, may forever remain a mystery. Luceano has been known to shrug at and bite people who ask about his past.

The HRA and Furry Tattler

Less of a mystery is the great work Luceano has done throughout his life in promoting social cohesiveness, political solidarity, and moral purity. This was first exemplified in the co-founding of the Haven Revolutionary Army by Luceano Delacroix and Mvorn Flipps. Realizing the corrupting influence the entire Prydaen race was having upon Therengia, Luceano strove to expel the lesser beings from the province by loading them onto boats and shipping them to work camps. The endeavors of Luceano, Mvorn, and the Haven Revolutionary Army cumulated in political talks with Lord Ereic Weyato, a Prydaen sympathizer. Despite the progress in deporting the Prydaen menace, the Haven Revolutionary Army gave way to bigger and better things.

During the period of the Haven Revolutionary Army, Luceano Delacroix and Mvorn Flipps began publishing an underground periodical titled The Furry Tattler. The Tattler, as it became known on the streets, documented the perfidy and horror of Prydaen culture. Intended to have a PG rating, after the second article it quickly drifted to R, and then to NC-17 as Prydaen life was documented further. Luceano Delacroix, Doctor of Prydaen Gonzo Journalism, found himself crawling through the seedy furry underworld on a daily basis. The Tattler was an immense success. And while the Tattler had a loyal following, it also had a virulent group of detractors. Among these were Prydaens, the innocent, and people who report. The presses stopped at Furry Tattler Inc. a few months after it began.

A New Era for Aldauth

What many proclaimed as the end of Luceano's journalistic career would turn out to be the beginning of his life in the ministry. It was after the decline of the Haven Revolutionary Army and the cessation of The Furry Tattler that Luceano Delacroix and Mvorn Flipps began to receive visions from the god Aldauth. These visions were followed by a series of bodily encounters with Aldauth in Misenseor Abbey. Here Luceano received the commandments, the decrees, and the laws of Aldauth. Luceano also received an exhortation to restore the ancient faith of Aldauth and spread it to the masses. Thus the Church of Aldauth was founded.

The Delacroix Family

Luceano Delacroix has an extensive family, consisting of his many wives Tenielle Delacroix, Annieka Delacroix, Crystae Delacroix, Sarkanasren Delacroix, Caiomhe Delacroix, Zoradysis Delacroix, and Silvwyn Delacroix; his daughters Moirea Delacroix, Leisure Delacroix, Yonde Delacroix, Sadeia Delacroix, Rhoslyn Delacroix, and Kairee Delacroix; as well as relatives of uncertain relation Airellynn Delacroix, Deiket Delacroix, Kithe Delacroix, and Rangwulko Delacroix. Luceano is believed to have additional relatives at large, in addition to kinships relations with the Duvalier family.

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