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Harbor Pier Locations 2, 3, 4, 13, and 5
Province Zoluren
Town Ilaya Taipa
Map Ranik's Map 112
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Alchemy shops, Cambrinth shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Food shops, Housing shops, Jewelry shops, Magic shops, Miscellaneous shops, Pet shops, Tanning shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Ilaya Taipa, Pier]
Blandly anonymous, as all such places are, the weathered boards of the pier creak underfoot. Heavy pilings on either side are lashed together by layers of tarred rope. You also see (random crates, boxes, and displays of items laid out for you, or the purser's clerk), the water of the harbor below, and (one of the ships named above) moored beside the pier.

  • Boats docked to these piers change, taking their wares with them.
  • Boats do not lay out wares at Pier Location 5 (the Purser's Clerk), but the Purser's inventory changes.
  • Pier Location 3 looks to be a food-only pier.
  • Pier Locations 2, 4, and 13 appear to lay out wares from other (minus pets and furniture, maybe food as well) categories.
  • Offerings seem to vary based on container selection, while items in those containers seem to be fixed. 2-6 containers are laid out.