North Wind's Skimmer

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North Wind's Skimmer, Harbor Ships
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town Ilaya Taipa
Map Ranik's Map 112
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops, Jewelry shops, Clothing shops, Weapon shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Ilaya Taipa, Pier]
Blandly anonymous, as all such places are, the weathered boards of the pier creak underfoot. Heavy pilings on either side are lashed together by layers of tarred rope. You also see a warped maple chest, a bronze-edged boxwood coffer, an oiled lemonwood box, a paper-lined wooden box, the North Wind's Skimmer moored beside the pier and the water of the harbor below.
Obvious paths: south.

In the battered wooden toy-box (Dolls)
Item Price Done
winking Bard doll 2,125   
smiling Empath doll 2,125   
starry-robed Moon Mage doll 2,125   
fierce-faced Barbarian doll 2,125   
green-clad Ranger doll 2,125   
wand-bearing War Mage doll 2,125   
richly-clad Trader doll 2,125   
shifty-eyed Thief doll 2,125   
white-robed Cleric doll 2,125   
noble-looking Paladin doll 2,125   
In the slatted wooden box (Paintings)
Item Price Done
large canvas mural 26,681   
large pastel portrait 15,546   
large map of the five provinces 13,220   !!
charcoal drawing 12,342   
In the slatted wooden box (Paintings)
Item Price Done
bright watercolor painting 21,006   
drab oil painting 18,506   
somber oil painting 12,500   !!
vivid gouache painting 25,431   
In the battered oak coffer (Magical Jewelry)
Item Price Done
pale avaes neck-chain 4,375   
gold-filled calavarite wristlet 6,250   
delicate onyx imnera anklet 3,750   
bold blue xibaryl diadem 3,750   
In the hammered brass coffer (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
brazen sunstone suspended from a braided bronze and gold chain 125,000   
luminous dreamstone suspended from a fine crystal chain 125,000   
In the copper-edged cedar box (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
silver gypsy prosperity charm 2,500   
bloodgem healing charm 2,500   
moonstone dreaming charm 2,500   
bronze gypsy luck charm 2,500   
sunstone spirit charm 2,500   
sardonyx night charm 2,500   
citrine nightmare charm 2,500   
copper gypsy health charm 2,500   
In the lacquered chest (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
string of dark hematite beads 6,250   
string of white pearls 15,000   
In the warped maple chest (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
belled silver anklet 6,250   
In the bronze-edged boxwood coffer (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
black tourmaline brooch edged with slender platinum wire 50,000   
delicate gold orchid clasp with a slender diamond stem and finely cut emerald leaves 75,000   
ornate onyx choker enameled with triangular coral patterns 37,500   
mesh choker woven of fine platinum and silver set with a large marquis-cut diamond 87,500   
rose pin exquisitely carved from a single diamond 125,000   
In the oiled lemonwood box (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
white swan's feather beaded with alternating iridescent clear and blue crystals 6,250   
silver barrette accented by a white silk raven's feather with trailing dark satin-edged ribbons 6,250   
jet feather threaded with tiny bloodstone beads 6,250   
red hawk feather set in a gold clasp with trailing bronze strands 11,250   
In the paper-lined wooden box (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
silver ring engraved with twining moons and stars 2,500   
delicate gold rose ring 18,750   
platinum engagement ring set with a dark red ruby teardrop 121,000   
delicate silver rose ring 1,875   
ring braided from silver and bronze wire 2,500   
gold engagement ring set with a dark red ruby teardrop 49,000   
In the shallow modwir coffer (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
majestic manticore pin 1,250   
whimsical hippogryph pin 1,250   
blooming ruby rose pin 18,750   
fanciful gryphon pin 1,250   
diamond unicorn pin 18,750   
In the paper-lined oak box (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
intricate moonstone lily dangling from a fragile silver chain 18,750   
delicate chain carved from slender links of jade from which is suspended a tiny fairy charm 25,000   
oval blood-red garnet pendant suspended from a thick onyx chain 62,500   
In the battered tin bucket (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
violet with petals of dyed dark indigo silk wrapped around a delicate silver stem 15,000   
silver mesh moonflower framed by delicate emerald silk leaves 18,750   
blue spidersilk rose tinted the lovely hue of Xibar's light 9,375   
dark red spidersilk rose with blushing petals 9,375   
pale spidersilk lily accented by two tiny pearl dewdrops 12,500   No
delicate dark spidersilk orchid threaded with small topaz beads 12,500   
elegant black velvet rose 6,250   
In the ribbon-wound rattan basket (Flowers & Jewelry)
Item Price Done
golden silk sunflower 625   
pale lavender silk violets tied with a silver ribbon 1,000   
dusky silk rose 875   
dark blood-red rose 1,000   
snow-white rose 1,000   
blushing pink rose 625   
sunny yellow rose 625   
pale orchid with silken petals 625   
A small ivory card reads:
The only wearable flowers are the silk violets, the silk rose and the silk sunflower.
In the sapphire-blue painted chest (Clothing)
Item Price Done
yellow chiffon bodice stitched with tiny violet lilies 15,187   
black satin bodice laced with silvery velvet threads 6,750   
purple velvet bodice accented by ornate black needlework done in fine spidersilk 8,437   
dark green bodice embroidered along the edges with silver ivy leaves 2,467   
red satin bodice with slashing that reveals black silk lining beneath 15,000   
blue silken bodice threaded with dark mauve satin cord 8,750   
pale cerulean bodice with slender ebonwood boning 8,731   
In the cedar-lined metal bin (Clothing)
Item Price Done
black satin dress with multi-colored dags flowing from the waist and sleeves 9,375   
flared floor-length crimson dress with a black lace overlay 46,875   
flame red spidersilk dress displaying two mighty dragons engaged in aerial combat 91,757   
emerald green brocade dress with a princess waist and scooped neck 45,000   
plum-colored dress bordered along the neck and hem with large ivory gardenias 3,656   
lemon-yellow dress banded with light brown bears along the sleeves 3,250   
In the cedar-lined metal bin (Clothing)
Item Price Done
ivory silk shift stitched with delicate pale blue irises 11,250   
slender black silk skirt slit up one side to reveal a dark satin petticoat beneath 13,062   
translucent spidersilk shift edged with fine crimson thread 20,000   
black silken shift with delicate silver embroidery 16,453   
flowing white velvet skirt cinched at the waist with a silver knot pin 12,500   
In the ornately painted trunk (Clothing)
Item Price Done
iridescent satin slippers in a play of pastel colors 3,281   
dark velvet slippers studded with tear-shaped diamonds 80,625   
fine spidersilk slippers adorned with round silver bells 38,062   
silvery velvet boots with shimmering moonstone clasps 6,342   
dark leather boots buckled with emerald-inlaid silver clasps 64,462   
In the shallow ash crate (Weapons, Clothing,)
Item Price Done
razor-sharp huntsman's axe with the crest of the Bards' Guild engraved upon the haft 15,000   
finely honed sabre adorned with a brass hilt-guard shaped like a wren in flight 11,250   
woven leather belt adorned with tiny brass wrens 8,125   
cerulean hip belt embroidered with intricate golden wrens 8,125   
In the smooth applewood chest (Containers)
Item Price Done
dark coral spidersilk satchel worked with inlaid turquoise beads 46,875   
macrame spidersilk satchel 43,750   
silvery spidersilk satchel accented by pure white swan feathers 43,750   
braided spidersilk satchel 43,750   
In the sturdy wicker basket (Containers)
Item Price Done
braided spidersilk quiver 15,000   
braided spidersilk sack 15,000   
braided spidersilk backpack 60,000   
braided spidersilk pouch 27,500   
braided spidersilk satchel 50,000   
In the simple fir bin (Containers)
Item Price Done
braided spidersilk sack 12,500   
pale spidersilk backpack 87,500   
dark spidersilk sack 12,500   
beaded spidersilk sack 12,500   
black spidersilk backpack 87,500   
black spidersilk belt quiver 12,500   
In the simple fir crate (Containers)
Item Price Done
dark red suede pouch with a banded red hawk feather clasp 2,500   
blue suede pouch accented by a beaded seagull feather 2,500   
black suede pouch clasped by a silver feather pin 3,125   
white suede pouch laced with a swan feather-tipped silk drawstring 3,750   
In the arch-lidded shagreen trunk (Containers)
Item Price Done
pale spidersilk quiver accented by a tiny blue diamond sirese flower 50,000   
elaborately braided ceremonial spidersilk sheath 56,250   
black spidersilk weapons harness clasped with a burnished gold star 68,750