Gretzyl the Herbalist's Cottage

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Gretzyl the Herbalist's Cottage
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Rossman's Landing
Map Ranik's Map 34a
Owner Gretzyl
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Herb shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Gretzyl the Herbalist's Cottage]
Herb-filled cheesecloth bags, waxed-covered cheese and spicy string-bound sausages hang from the rafters to dry, filling the cottage with a delicious fragrance. A wooden potting bench along the back wall holds the implements of the herbalist's profession -- weights and measuring scales, a shallow wooden mortar, some empty earthenware jars and jugs of sweet oil. You also see a polished wooden tray with some stuff on it and a glass-fronted cabinet.

On the wooden tray
Item Price Done
Polished mistwood bangle set with tiny garnet chips 3,200   !!
Braided mistwood wedding band set with a cabachon garnet 5,000   !!
In the glass-fronted cabinet
Item Price Done
Sufil sap 670   
Junliar stem 725   
Hulnik grass 635   
Muljin sap 740   
Nilos salve 640   
Ithor potion 710   
Plovik leaf 610   
Riolur leaf 740   
Georin salve 670   
Eghmok potion 720   
Nemoih root 650   
Yelith root 700   
Jadice flower 600   
On the potting bench
Item Price Done
Aevaes solution 740   
Lujeakave elixir 870   
In the half-closed drawer
Item Price Done
Cebi root 700   
Hisan salve 840